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Vegas decorated palm to VC


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Hello guys !

Today I wanted to convert the decorated palm from vegas to VC, but after I did everything, the model doesn't have the night vertex colors... and I really need it with the lights too.

Can you guys tell me how to convert it properly ? (I don't have 3ds max, only ZModeler and I'm not that good)



I really need it


Thank you !



Here are the .dff and .txd files: http://www.mediafire.com/download/phj7pyk596u996z/decorated+palm.rar

files inside: VgsN_nitree_r01.dff and VgsN_nitree.txd




in left part is how it looks in game'n'zmodeler, and in the right part is shown how I want it to look in VC.

Edited by sseebbyy
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Sadly ZModeler does not supports night vertex colours(secondary night UV mapping) for GTA. Its 3ds max that does.

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Igor Bogdanoff

Maybe create day and night model, The night model would have edited textures.

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Can somebody create such a texture for it ? :/

I don't need it to look in a way during day, and in another during night. All I need is the night texture.

(I need it for a VC:MP server, to decorate it for Christmas :) )


Thank you for all replies ! Have a nice day !


I'm waiting for some replies

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Create two models.

Put both in one position.

Set the models to Time controlled object.

Set one model time to x hrs to y hrs and the other to y hrs to x hrs.

(In MEd I meant.)


And As I said ZM does not supports night UV. You need 3ds max or ACAD for it.

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I don't need the day model, all I need is only the night model. (with the yellow light and everything - the night texture)

But I don't have 3ds max (and no idea how to use it) and I'm not able to export the night texture... :(


Can somebody export the night model ( + textures ) for me please ? ....

Edited by sseebbyy
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Thanks to Jestic I finally did it !

He shown me a program that was replacing day's vertex colors with night's one. (so when importing it will have the night lights on)

I did that using a program (suggested by him) called: Night Vertex Helper


Once again Jestic, Thank you very much !



Edited by sseebbyy
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