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GTA - Gone in 60 Seconds

American Viking

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American Viking

I think a great theme for the next GTA would be something like the movie Gone in 60 Seconds where our protagonist(s) are tasked with stealing high profile vehicles. It's the perfect theme for a GTA game in my opinion. GTA IV had us stealing cars for Brucie with little to no risk surrounding each, and stealing cars for Stevie that only had to be found. GTA V had a few cars that had to be stolen for Devin Weston that was at least worked into the story but once again there wasn't much to it.

I'd like to see an entire game based around grand theft auto. What do you think?

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Woah,you scared me with the title "GTA gone in 60 seconds",i uaz spokeki dit at


It couldn't be a bad idea actually,the missions could be fun! it could work pretty well since the series primary involves cars.

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Not a bad idea. I am sick of the current retirement simulator approach of minigames and other sh*t.

Going back to the roots is always a pleasure.

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It sounds like one of those ideas that look good on paper...Well as long as you can still shoot people, go to strip clubs, bang prostitutes, and the usual then it's okay...

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Xing of Virtue

A Driver 3 rip-off? Cool, but with realistic physics.



Edited by Xing of Virtue
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Sure, as long as there's a Ford Mustang lookalike with a unique name the protagonist so wishes to have :p

Edited by B Dawg
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Queen Elizabeth II

Game called Grand Theft Auto being about stealing cars? R* doesn't think so!

Edited by Queen Elizabeth II
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It would be a great toning down of the Series, and bring it back to its Roots.

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