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Rare Police Car?


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During the side mission, "The Good Husband", I saw the police car that Amanda was in. I don't know if my Xbox One was just overheating or if the crusier actually didn't have a lightbar on top. I went ahead and stole the car, lost my wanted level, and parked that car in Michael's safehouse garage. I saved when it was in there, drove around Los Santos for a while, and when I came back it was gone. Disappeared, erm... despawned.


Is there no way to get this "slick top" cruiser? Or was it a glitch in my console? I recall the cruiser not having a top lightbar before, but this is my third time around playing the game through again, so I was just wondering if that vehicle is actually obtainable (if it wasn't a glitch). If it was a glitch then I don't see any point in saving it since I can get cruisers and interceptors all around Los Santos.

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I've had the one with the missing light bar a couple of times too. But actually it has a double light bar which is even rarer. Basically the bottom light bar is like the front windshield light bar of the Unmarked Cruiser, on top if it is the LED bar, hence the double light bar. Best way to store is after you drop Amanda, switch to Franklin and see where he is. Drive to him, and have him store it in his 4 car garage. If you try to save it in the safehouse it de-spawns.


EDIT: Forgot to mention bc I just checked an old save, the top light bar goes away once you put it in a 4 car garage, and restores it to the original default LED bar. Not sure about the one with the missing bar, but I'm pretty certain it will grow one once you put it in the garage. Reason I say this is bc a similar thing happens to the Unmarked Cruiser when it gets stored in the 4 car garages, where it will loose the limo tint windows.

Edited by SteveNYC
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