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No more missions after bail bonds! PS3 HELP PLEASE!


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I have seen other threads about this, but never answered. So after I completed the bail bonds missions with Trevor, bail bonds come after Mr. Phillips, I cannot see any more missions on the map! I cannot switch to Franklin/Micheal due to the heist, so I am stuck as Trevor! Please help! I don't remember getting a call about the Chinese, but I remember the trailer cutscene I think. I'm on a PS3!



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Bail bond missions are side mission and is NOT required to be done right after Mr. Phillips-- I didn't do these until after I finished the story-- These are NOT required for 100% however you should have already unlocked the trophy "Wanted dead or Alive" this will stay unlocked even if you reload or restart the game.


Do you have any saves you can go back to before this?


There might be a mission sequencing bug that locks those out if they are done right after and/or the game somehow thinks you are still on the mission.


I have not seen any solutions to this but did find the same problem posted HERE--- http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/173100/no-missions-available-after-finishing-bail-missions-in-gta-v


What I would try (if you don't have a previous save to go back to)-- quick save in a new slot-- exit the game completely... Restart the game and when it is restarting-- select GTA Online when prompted... mess around on line a few minutes and exit GTAO via the menu-- when you respawn as Trevor-- kill yourself Grenade or drown yourself... hopefully the game will get unstuck when you respawn at the hospital..


I have also read that for a stuck game that if you create a 2nd GTAO character and then complete the first 2 tutorial missions (race and drug deal interception) that when you return to single player, the game can "unstick" also...


If none of this works--- and you don't have a save you can go back to--- you may be forced to restart the game.... it is always a good idea to maintain multiple save slots when playing through ANY GTA game...


This is my general advice to EVERYONE....from THIS POST




There are quite a few issues that can impede your quest for 100%.... I frequent the troubleshooting section ALOT and have come across quite a few.


TURN OFF AUTO SAVE-- use the quick save on your phone instead.


Missing (game skips) story missions-- I have not read of these occurring recently, so hopefully this has been patched-- I did experience this bug... My game skipped the mission "Meltdown" for Solomon-- there have been a variety of reported missions skipped. The only work around for this I've found is to save often and to utilize multiple save slots-- that way if you get to a point where a mission is missing, youcan go back to a previous save so you don't have to restart the entire game-- the way I do it. The game keeps sorts the saves by most recent-- so utilize the first 3 save slots as your current progress-- Turn off auto save-- Utilize the quick save feature on your phone and save in your 3rd slot each time (this will move to the top slot after you save). Continue to do this. Every 5 to 7% of game progress-- create a new slot (meaning your 3rd slot will move down and mark your progress)--- and continue to utilize the top 3 slots. Be sure to let the game finish saving before exiting the game... the save icon will spin as it saves and it can take up to 10 seconds to save and sync up to the social club-- failure to do this can corrupt the save.


You should finish the story at about 60% or so depending upon how many side things you did.... the credits will roll after the final story mission (but there are 4 assassination missions that can be done after this)--- you might want to consult my 100% checklist (in my sig) if you want to check your mission progress occassionally-- note that the story missions can be done in slightly alternate orders then the order I did them in....


You can check you missions completed by creating a social club account and linking your XBL or PSN ID with it,


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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Whenever I try to update the game to the newest version, so that I can play GTA, I cannot because my screen on my TV goes black! Help!

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  • 7 months later...

For some reason, I was doing Bail Bond missions but when I was done with them, I don't know what to do. I have no main story missions, or Strangers and Freaks missions for Trevor. I did the bail missions after Mr. Phillips on my PS3.

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Nervous Ron should be available (a T at Trevors trailer)- if not, I would try my above advice or go back to a previous save'


Since you really are not that far into the game, I would mess around with this too much-- I'd restart the game-- and be sure to utilize multiple save slots like I described above-- the game has been known to be buggy (regarding missions)-- mine skipped one late in the game making me have to reload an earlier save.


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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