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IMr IException

'RealPlay' Realistic Players XB1

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IMr IException

Please check us out,



If you love cruising realistic, following road rules etc, please add me on Xbox ONE: IMr IException.

We have a small number of friends who play realistic on GTA and The Crew, and we're always looking for other like minded players (tts really hard to find people who can cruise realistically and be chilled)...

Check us out on Youtube, Google, Facebook 'RealPlay247'
(we're not a clan or gaming group, we are friends and call our style of play 'ReaklPlay')


My personal aim is to find more people that play like us so that eventually we can cruise/ roleplay with more than 4 or 5 of us (i've been looking for more realistic cruisers/ players for years and it is a rare thing to find 'PROPER' players)


You dont need to be active on forums or in a clan, just be on my friend list and have a cruise with us.

BTW - i'm 24, expect no immaturity/ kids, live in UK (but time zones don't matter as we play various hours of the day)



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might aswell commit to life roleplay really enjoyable

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Dude i am down for this all the way, this is how i like to enjoy gta at times just seems so rare to find others like it.


Although heres the downside!


I cant message you until the 16th of this month as ive had a ban on communications until that date! Long story!


But il add you as a friend dude, i can recieve messages but i cant send any so if i dont reply you know why. However that wont stop me from cruising with you!

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Mrsixxx14 I'm online now can I roll with yall?

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I tried to find your gamer tag but it does not come up. I copied and pasted it into smart glass. Feel free to add me BLVCK GOOSE. Me and my crew do realistic cruises alot and it would be cool if we can have a crew meet and cruise.

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