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Armored Warfare [Mission - Pack]


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Well hello! guys welcome to my project Armored Warfare. In this project i'am going to make many missions and it will take some time to finishing them. I'am doing my best, to make this Mission expensive for you guy's. I'll do my best to correct my spells. Just if you like it then do forget to give feedback.



1993, San andreas in Los Santos, a place of violence and full of gang's terrorites. The people's of Los santos, soo much hate with gang's and there violence. But after some years ago, goverment of san andreas, cover all the places of San Andreas with special forces, because the president of San Andreas Michael, informed by some of his agent that the russains goverment, they are planning to take over the San Andreas. But the agent was been suspect and catches from russains, and now before they want to take over the San andreas first they kill the President, Prime minster cadwick was lost after the incident, now after killing the president they completely successful to capture the san andreas. Find what will happen next.








Leo Hesper - (Protagonist)

Leo hesper, the business man in Vice city, but after goverment banned his business in the reason of drugs dealer, leo started a new life in San andreas and fining his brother. A Protagonist of the story.




Paul Johnson - (Survival team leader)

The Working manager of Los santos cars shop. A leader of survival team, who help there team everytime, and give them some good ideas.




Dwayne Smith - (A member of survival team)

Dwyane Smith a professional in outdoors activities, His father was died in a war between Russain's and usa, he has angry blood of enemie's just like his father.




Annie Michael - (Member of survivial team)

She is a professional trained in ammun- nation Shooting range, she always like to play with danger, a killer of shooting range.



Johnny Winston - (Leader of SF army)

He is a San fierro army leader, who make plans to survive from russains and finding a safe base, where they can plan to undo peace-full again in san andreas.




Ellizabel Sunghai - (A member of Survival team)

She is the oldest partner of wuiz team, he was special agent. But he was retired, and now he lives alone. A perfect accurate in Sniper.




Marstall Hesper - (Sa Army solider)

Marstall hesper a Good solider, he always got duty in HQ Military Base. He is a brother of leo hesper.




John Blaze - (Special of russains)

He is a special solider of russains, he from other country, but russains kidnapped his family and offer them for work as a special solider.




Sa-Army (A brave force of San andreas)

A brave army of Sa, they are always ready to defeat there enemies and always ready for the help.





Cadwick (Prime Minster)

Cadwick the prime Minister of san andreas.




Michael (President)

The president of San andreas, who was been died with the hands of russains.



Beglumary Akon - (A agent of Russains)

Beglumary akon, a special agent of russains, who plan and agent on russains.




Akinastor Luin - (A General of Russains)

A general of Russains army, who send the agent to attack on Sa president.



[Remember]: The topic is underconstruction, only some screenshots and trailer are left to done.




Chapter 1 - (It's Begining)

Chapter 2 - (Operations)

Special Thanks



Making the this Project


atricW and Duychy3010

Making thisModification (DYOM)


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Hey, I should play this like, I play your others ;):^:

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Husnain, did you finished the Chapter 2?

I've been waiting for a lot!

Yeah i am still working sorry that i stop it but now i satrt it

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Great bro! Should play this... :colgate:

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Dude, sorry! I didn't play the Ch.2! We will later! I give you the good name of English and Russian!



Milo Elsdon [MALE]

Brian Windsor [MALE]

Sebastian Dyson [MALE]

Caroline Andie [FEMALE]

Ros Shui [MALE]



Makari Ermolai [MALE]

Yakov Fillip [MALE]

Vasya Prokhor [MALE]


W..I..P.. it means Work in Progress! You know it :)

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