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ps4 down for anyone else ?


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Yep. So much for my Black Friday spending spree! I hope it doesn't last as long as the Xbox Live one that caused me to miss out on a half-price Hydra...

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I thought it was just me since all my friends are online. Typical garbage psn service- a little extra traffic and the servers crap out.

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Yes it's down, I wonder why it's always down when there's events going on on gta online... Well not always but I've seen it before, gta event are up, yay lets go play gta, nope, psn is down...what a coincidence...

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Overload of servers from Black Friday sales? Either way hopefully fixed by 5pm as I have money to burn...

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Good to know it's common problem, not my router etc. causing problems this time. Nice to pay for unreliable psn services...

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I've been on for a few hours and just changed sessions whilst typing this - I'm having no problems. Maybe it's a location based issue?

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Down for me and my friend too. I'm hearing rumours that lizard squad did it. I remember when the bastards ruined Christmas, f*ck it sucked to turn on my brand new ps4 and not be able to sign in to it. Can anyone from Xbox live confirm or deny if it's working for them?

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On PS4 I keep getting saving failed - unable to connect to the Rockstar game services. Social Club seems slower than usual also; maybe it could be a DDoS attack?




EDIT: PlayStation store also having issues for some people


Edited by The_Big_Show
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