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[c#] Arresting a ped


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This sounds so simple but yet I'm struggling so much. I already know how to do the key stuff (pressing a key, getting aimed entity whatsoever). But the thing I can't figure out how to do is:


How can I make a specific ped get cuffed (SET_ENABLE_HANDCUFFS) forever. It sounds soo simple but whenever I try the ped runs away.


This would really make my day/week/month if someone a bit more experienced could finally tell me how I would go about doing this.





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If the Ped runs away set the Relationship to the one of your character.

I'll try this. Thanks for the suggestion.

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If the Ped runs away set the Relationship to the one of your character.

Ok I'm sorry I have to reclarify. I already tried that, and I managed to get it working without the ped running away. But when I make the ped "be handcuffed", he just instantly starts walking away for no reason.

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Just a tip.


SET_ENABLE_HANDCUFFS doesn't do what you think it does. It actually just makes handcuffs visible on the character model, it doesn't put them in a handcuff animation state at all. You have to do that manually by playing a animation.

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You should make a task sequence, and the handcuffs native dehan mentioned actually works but only in a ragdoll state, you should apply that anyways in case the arrested ped dies, he has handcuffs on.

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