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Welcome to Nos Speed the new and refreshing racing crew to hit GTAV Online only on PS4. We are recruiting the best racers in the game and with help from R* Verified creator UniqueAsh we aim to be challenging the best racers Online has to offer. We also have the help of several top creators so are list of bookmarked races is vast and strong.


We are currently recruiting for a number of roles within the crew and plan on having a fresh new forum up after the new year. We plan to run weekly events tailored for both stunting and clean racing.


My name is Aimee and I want to create a crew on PS4 where everyone who enjoys racing comes together and embraces each others skills and knowledge of the game but most importantly keeps it clean.


This is a open crew for the moment so anyone is welcome to join while we get up and running and schedule are first events starting this weekend, more info below.


So what you waiting for? Inject some Nos into your life.


Nos Speed 1 are first crew event will be scheduled for this Saturday at 18.00PM BST UK Time which will include a variety of technical tracks and stunt jumps to warm up crew members. Every Saturday at the same time will be this event dedicated to Nos Speed Only and on PS4. further dates below:



Nos Speed 1 Nov 28th @18.00PM BST

Nos Speed 2 Dec 5th @18.00PM BST

Nos Speed 3 Dec 12th @18.00PM BST

Nos Speed 4 Dec 19th @18.00PM BST


If this interests you and you wwould like to join us follow this link and join.



Edited by GirlPowerGTA
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