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[V] Converting the Wheel drive


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Dear modders, I've downloaded a mod for GTA V which initally replaces Sultan, but I replaced the car with Premier(Michael's Car). The Premier, as we know, is a FWD in game. But the car I replaced is RWD Bmw 535i.
Now, I've already renamed the mod files, under sultan_mods.rpf to premier_mods.rpf also the files which are inside.
How do I have the characteristics of Sultan to that of Premier?
If I mod Premier in Los Santos Customs, the car modifications are not proper and misaligned. From what I can see that the car bumper parts are from the old premier from game but not from the parts of my BMW Mod.

Would be a real help if I know how to totally convert the Premier to as of Sultan characteristics.

Edited by Eeshan
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  • 2 months later...

Thanks for clearing it out. Hopefully one day we can edit the .ymt files :(

You do know we are able to export ymt files and open them with notepad++ :)

you would want to edit the vehicles.meta, handling.meta mainly for the front wheel/rear wheel. Just copy and paste the sultan handling and vehicles files to replace the premiere handling and vehicles files, also the carcols.ymt, carvariations.ymt and you may want to add them to the popgroups.ymt so they naturally spawn in the areas you want them to.


Peace, N8Gamez

Edited by n8gamez1
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