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R.I.P. GTA-MP: mod ded


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-> Gosh wish I had warned you... https://forum.gta-mp.net/


Officially Cracked 1 (July 2015)

No one legitimate supports piracy. GTA-MP is a legitimate single-player mod for GTA V that distributes no copyrighted code, nor reverse-engineered any part of GTA V, so it is not in violation of any Rockstar EULA. Which brings into focus your advocation of piracy, GTA-MP: FAQ "No matter if you are running a cracked version of the game or not," your blind facilitation of piracy by information is a form of soft support for piracy. Your FAQ says plainly that this game supports a cracked version of GTA V, a pirated version; a fruitless and absolutely untrue advocation of piracy made by GTA-MP that not only doesn't respect Rockstar EULA, or copyright law, but omits the all to important and seemingly needless requirement you've agreed to with Rockstar of having a Social Club account with paid for version of GTA V to use your single-player mod... this sign-in is an unprecedented requirement for single-player mods in GTA History. In gaming history too, I would speculate. Why would any single-player mod need this oversight when all single-player mods are legal, and here so, by Rockstar's own admission...

Often the only crime people can be charged with are ones they've admitted to, ones they have been set up to agree with, then are legally branded by their own participation in after the fact. This is a single-player mod. It does not violate any copyright law. So why would you admit to needing Social Club sign-in if you were not being tricked into admitting this service is nearly identical to GTAVO... by which they've got you! Is GTA-MP so perfectly legal, and absolutely an unstoppable threat to GTAVO that Rockstar must trick you in to admitting to identical purposes to validate legal action against you by nothing other than your own admission? By my understanding you've done nothing wrong until you release after which, the music montage will sum things up in a Vinewood it-all-makes-sense-now-ending whereby you admitted enough wrong doing for Rockstar to hold you in legal limbo indefinitely.

-> Don't be led blindly to the slaughter GTA-MP, this is a legal single-player mod. Don't condemn the future of third-party, single-player mods through your naivety. Stop admitting guilt of anything by: not advocating piracy by any means, and above all stop holding Rockstar's hand. They only lead you to the slaughter.

Officially Cracked 2 (July 2015)

My thread remains locked as though your legal reply had answered my core concerns: 1) Your FAQ is still condoning piracy with word one: https://wiki.gta-mp.net/index.php/FAQ 2) You're still taking the unprecedented step in gaming history to require official company login for a single player mod. Please help us understand these bizarre actions. How are you setting yourself up to not be shut down the day you release?

Just because Rockstar is holding your hand today does not mean they won't be grabbing it tomorrow to drag you into court, the validations for which are obvious... You are running a similar service so identical to their own that it now uses their own login system to function. A clear violation of their copyrighted and proprietary domain. Tried and convicted before even being dragged into legal limbo by the hand you so generously and needlessly offer them, without which you could not be convicted of anything ever, with which there will be no going back once these two services are compared. Look at it from Rockstar's point of view. One down. One to go and your already facilitating software piracy, and admitting similarity of service. Yet you are not breaking any laws until you agree to and implement their login.

MiniYoda: https://forum.gta-mp.net/index.php?/topic/862-rockstar-games-policy-on-multiplayer-modifications/ Your powers are weak old man. GTA-MP you need a better legal expert if you think your reply helped anyone understand anything, let alone helped you achieve what you work so hard to create. Help us understand how you think changing course after the decade long precedent of legally hooking this series of games as established by both MTA and SA-MP ends well by you completely changing the way it is done; with you being tricked into forever condemning this form of gaming by admitting similarity of service to a proprietary and copyrighted product. Not just you, not just GTA V, but all third party single player script hooking and code injection multiplayer servers will be condemned with these admissions you so naively advocate today. You lead us all to the slaughter with your ignorance of copyright law and how soft violators are tricked into genuine legal breaches of the law.

You actively condoned software piracy amongst your users and are running a similar service to GTAO violating copyright law the moment you release. Neither of which needed to be done for GTA-MP to, like SA-MP, and MTA, enjoy a decade of perfectly legal operation as a single player modification. FFS you are competing directly with Rockstar's own service. How are you so blindly stupid as to think they are going to allow this... they are not! They are setting you up for the fall.

You claim hand-in-hand relationship with Rockstar? Ask, nay demand, of your keepers a public nod of approval. I want to hear from Rockstar publicly an acknowledgement of your service and their best wishes for your next decade of operation, and be certain it is a detailed acknowledgement of what exactly your service provides their users for free, with only a legal social club account for admission. Provided all you say is true, this public acknowledgement of GTA-MP's direct and unlimited competition with Rockstar by their own permission for the next decade and longer should be as simple as sunshine.h and FYI: I just paid $60 for a game I've already finished, and found morally indefensible to give one red cent to these Rockstar wretches.


(...which i returned for full refund upon deciding gta v = fail)

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  • 4 weeks later...

RE: https://community.nanos.io/index.php?/topic/19-officially-cracked-part-4/


Officially Cracked (Part 4)

GTA-MP You failed due to the exact reasons I previously outlined you would absolutely fail under. And your next step (https://forum.gta-mp.net/ Dec 9 2015) is to continue along those lines? The exact reasons i was ridiculed for raising below, several months before it happened. And your solution is to wash, rinse, repeat? Do you have an extra goto 10 line in your code somewhere?

This is not how multiplayers happen! The single player mod format is exactly this: You do not ask. You do not notify. You do not request anything from any copyright holder ever. You do not ever involve yourself with anything to do with that company. You do not reference them in any way. You do not know them. You've never even heard of them. You don't even know what the game is. (Watch Mafia movies until you understand this point) You are building a single player mod. If single player mods are legal with them they are legal period. Your GTA-MP failure has set a horrific precedent for the third-party single player modding community that it needs to learn from. NEVER GET INVOLVED ON ANY LEVEL WITH THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS!!!!!! Just write a solid, unconditional, third-party, single player mod as most EULA allow that functions with any functioning copy of the game and uses no copyrighted part of it in its base code. Or see your repeated failures take down an entire community.

Before starting MJC3, pause. This is the dawn of a great success or an equally catastrophic failure. Pause and study not copyright law. Don't contact copyright holders here or there. Look at what exists and emulate it. 10 years MTA and sa-mp have thrived. Their model is your model. Anything else, as I have said so many times before, will absolutely fail.

As everything I said below, predated, your total, complete, catastrophic failure before this...

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