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The Vehicle Wishlist and Speculation Topic

What vehicles would you like to be added to GTA Online?  

748 members have voted

  1. 1. What vehicles would you like to be added to GTA Online?

  2. 2. Lets get specific. What exactly do you want to added?

Recommended Posts

22 minutes ago, FuturePastNow said:

The G-Wagon was redesigned for the first time in 15 years and is all-new for 2019. Time for a Dubsta3, perhaps?

Am i the only one who would honestly prefer a "Military Dubsta" with a mounted machine-gun?



Edit: Canada is top country of page 272


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Willy A. Jeep

And so we find ourselves in the future. Combat has evolved, but war never changes, and our thundering machines of society have sputtered and stopped. The roads have become a nightmare, and only those mobile enough to supply their bunkers or brutal enough to win in the Thunderdome Maze Bank Arena can survive. It doesn't matter to me, I'm only here for the gasoline, and without fuel, I'm nothing. Still, I'd rather be here than in Kemo City. A nice place to visit, my ass... Wait, what was I doing? Paraphrasing Mad Max 2... referencing an obscure 90s game... and... Oh, yeah, vehicles! It's a blowout of apocalyptic proportions in the wake of Arena War. While I'm super happy seeing some of the Mad Max stuff thrown in there (and, hey, classic muscle for you folks!), I feel like a few things are missing, and this post is to fill that gap for myself. Five vehicles! Or ten, depending how you look at it. A Cadillac, a Chrysler, a Volkswagen, a MAN, and a Checker. I'm sure you know what's coming. Let's get to it!


1959 Cadillac de Ville & "The Gigahorse"

A famous landmark in the geography of automotive design, of course the 1959 Cadillac would catch the eye of a post-apocalypse God-king warlord. Though my personal favorites of the big fin cars are elsewhere, the Gigahorse is what it is, and I have to respect it.








Chrysler Valiant Charger & "The Peacemaker"

With the Scarab appearing, I'm surprised we didn't get something more like this monstrosity. The Valiant Charger was an Australian-only production, somewhat more reserved than the American Dodge offering, but the apocalypse fixed that once and for all.









Volkswagen Beetle & "FDK"

Another icon twisted and reborn in the fires of nuclear apocalypse. We're already half of the way to the FDK with the Injection, but we're still so lacking the classic, ever-loved, ever-modified, ever-lasting Beetle. Come on, Rockstar!






















There's so much potential in the Beetle...


MAN KAT1 8x8 & "The Doof Wagon"

What a name! Well, really, what names! I imagine Rockstar could easily just reuse the Chernobog for a Doof Wagon look-alike, but the real vehicle deserves to be shared. From Cold War Germany to post-apocalypse Australia, this thing makes a statement.








Checker Marathon/A11 & Quarantine Hovercab-style Variant

I love the Marathon and its A11 taxi package for being iconic to American culture. The classic Yellow Cab. A long-surviving car in reality, it's been depicted in apocalypse and dystopian fiction aplenty, and I find Quarantine's Hovercab the greatest such mutation. Seeing as GTA has had its own Marathon/A11 analogue in the past, the GTA III-era Cabbie, I'm pretty shocked we've not seen a return in GTA Online. I'm in love with the thing, of course, so I'm biased, but I think we all have something like that in our lives.









Edited by Willy A. Jeep

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King T
On 12/6/2018 at 8:37 AM, IceDree said:


I knew you'd bring it up once Red mentioned the Mirage ;).


speaking of dorky station wagons, how about the infamous S73 T?






 an M3 wagon?



That'd be the ultimate troll move by R*.


or a Bentley Dominator?



i kid I kid, if they add another Enus & its not a Ghost or a Cullinan, I'm gonna smack someone.

They definitely need to add a Ghost or Cullinan

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59 minutes ago, King T said:

They definitely need to add a Ghost or Cullinan

Preach it!

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Well, if I knew there'd be an update in the week between my two posts I might not have done it. But Willy's has taken care of the majority of the Mad Max vehicles I'd have wanted to see anyways, so I guess that's not a real problem! Also, since it was mentioned (and thank you Willy's for explaining) the basic idea of a lot of my posts is to tie into an old post I made on the DLC Wishlist which you can find here. For those unwilling to check it out, as it is a longer post, the basic idea was it would be themed around traditional hot rods and kustoms with a very mid-50's style. That's why 1956 is the latest year on either of these lists, though of course there's plenty of more contemporary muscle, sports, regular sedans and coupes that I'd still love seeing in game. I'll probably go back to normal after this post, and throw up some more rides, but hold with me just for 4 more cars! I promise they're all neat. We've got two I'd call super cars, one sports car, and one for the last of the big time spenders.

1956 Maserati A6G/2000 Zagato Berlinetta


If you're wearing anything short of a jacket and tie already, you're underdressed for this car. Bodied by Zagato with one of their most beautiful designs ever, they only ever made 20 of these gorgeously violent cars. Alloy bodied angels flying under the power of a double overhead cam I6 from Maserati's Formula 2 racers and made, with the dual ignition system introduced in 56, around 160 hp. Now we have seen bigger numbers thrown around, but they didn't weigh just about 2500 pounds. These are quick, obscenely so for the era, we're talking a top speed of 130 and with the ability to reach it without too much trouble. These ran Mille Miglia, hell Sir Stirling Moss used it as the training car before his famous run in the Mercedes 300 SLR, and many consider it to be Maserati's best all around car of all time! This is a Maserati from an era when they were up there with Ferrari, these fought with them on both track and road and they didn't fail. From an era when they weren't just upper middle class, when you wouldn't see some random mid level Chicago banker rolling up to his office building in some trident badged 4 door. No, this is a Maserati from an era where that meant something. Where you'd only see it in the driveway of a house with a name like Lovell or Stahl. A car for the Gentlemen Racer, who leaves behind the L.A. traffic to take his Maserati racing. In short, this car is better than you. It's better than me, in fact I'd almost say it's better than GTA entirely. Doesn't mean I don't want to see it! Given Mille Miglia racing liveries this would easily surpass the Stirling or GT500 as the ultimate vintage GT car of the game.








1955 Porsche 550 Spyder


So, that maserati was quick, huh? Well this is faster. I didn't say it there, but it had a 0-60 of about 12 seconds. Impressive, for it's day, sure. And then there's this. The "Giant Killer" 550 Spyder was made with the intent purpose of showing Italy they weren't just fighting themselves, that little German Porsche could throw punches like the big kids. This 1,200 pound open air race car was sold to be thrown down streets under the power of it's all aluminum, 110 hp, 1.5 liter flat four with dual overhead cams. Meaning this small, cute looking car has a 0-60 of about 7 seconds and a top speed of around 140. I'm not sure that reads as gobstopping as those figures really are. That's about half of my Corolla's 0-60 and around 30 mph faster at top speed. I know, it's just a Corolla but there's a near 50 year difference between this car and mine, and this will not only beat my little car but run circles around it. But, well there's no way I can mention this car without mentioning it's most famous example, "Little Bastard." That's the name it was given by its owner and driver, James Dean. A movie star and racing driver, Dean had himself been referred to as such and found it a funny nickname for his racecar. On September 30th, 1955, having finished filming on Giant, Dean hopped in his 550 Spyder alongside his mechanic Rolf Wütherich and began the journey from L.A. to Salinas, where he was scheduled to race in the following days. However he never would make it, as just before 6pm on Route 466 Dean would smash into the front quarter panel of a 1950 Ford Tudor. The small, lightweight Porsche got thrown across the pavement before landing in a ditch on the side of the highway and had been traveling fast enough to propel the much heavier Ford 39 feet down the road. Wütherich was thrown from the wreck as it happened and landed, alive, on the pavement nearby. Dean wasn't so lucky though, and was pronounced DOA at Paso Robles War Memorial Hospital at 6:20 PM. There's a ton of legend surrounding the car and it's parts after the wreck, though much of it was almost certainly made up by another famous name. George Barris purchased the wrecked shell after it had been stripped of its usable parts by a different racing driver, and he made a number of less than verifiable claims about the car in a book later in life. What is true, and creepy, about the Porsche is that we still have no idea where it even is. See, when returning from a show in 1960, somewhere between Florida and California it disappeared out of the trailer that had been carrying it. Rumors persist that it's hidden behind a false wall in Washington state, or that someone's uncle's buddy once mentioned how he'd seen a mangled silver car under a tarp in a midwestern barn. Where ever it is, there's a million dollar bounty on it's head, so maybe it's best if it laid low. Don't really want to spoil the mystery, after all! In game, this does of course need the infamous 130 livery, alongside other racing style numbers and modifications. I'd love to see Michael May's massive RS wing be an available option, and I'll include a picture of it in the spoiler.








1955 Corvette C1


Look at this fabulous piece of rolling Mid Century art. It's protruding fins sporting little red bulbs, it's headlight's seen through metal grates, and those bright shining teeth in it's grille. While the 56-57 C1's would get the updated body styling, and the loving eyes from many, it's the first, 53-55 body style that I adore. Maybe it's the underdog status, as these now very rare cars were, quite honestly, bad. Their all fiberglass bodies had poor finish, the roof and doors leaked water in the rain and the latter even had a tendency to open while driving on early 1953 models. And worse yet, they only came equipped with an inline 6 coupled to a 2 speed automatic transmission. Sure they could be quick, but they weren't quick enough. It would take until 1955 for the 265 cui small block V8 to be introduced and find its way under the hood and after Chevrolet found a way to remove their heads from whatever dark hole they were in they coupled it to a 3 speed manual for around 75 cars. These 75 proved that the Corvette wasn't just some posteuring cruiser that wanted you to think it was quick. No, this was a sports car, an honest to goodness quick two door that showed that Europe wasn't allowed to have all the fun anymore. America walked into the party with it's fencing mask on and it's sword already out, though of course Europe never has taken it seriously, no matter how easy it is to prove it's speed, I just say they're scared. Now then, in game. We do already have the Coquette Blackfin trying to act like it's a well modeled C1, but at some point someone's gonna have to be honest with it and show what a real C1 can look like. If Mafia II can get away with a near carbon copy of the 53-5 than so can GTAO. Given some classic racing stripes and liveries this little 2 door should be able to compete with other vintage sports cars like the Casco without breaking a sweat.







All but the red and the black and white ones are not 1955's, as you can tell by the lack of a golden V in "Chevrolet"


1953 Cadillac Series 62 Eldorado


After a one year only body style in 1949, this became the defining shape of Cadillacs in the early to mid 50's. Long, low and overall sleek with fish like tail fins and a large, V shaped hood, these gorgeous visions were the result of one Harley Earl, General Motors Styling Chief of the era. And in 1953 they released the ultimate edition of this body style, the Eldorado. This special edition convertible pronounced the car profoundly, highlighting the light dips in its body lines, and letting it look even lower than it already had. This was practically a factory lowrider bomb, an early style of customization where cars were modified to be substantially lower, especially in the rear but kept looking near stock otherwise. But the Eldorado! This was the pinnacle of luxury for the era in terms of interior features as well. With standard features like windshield washers, a "signal seeking" radio that auto-tuned to received frequencies, and a heater with AC as an extra option. Black or white acrylic tops were chosen and could be hidden away on a body colored cover laying flush with the trunk lid. The big dagmar bumpers point it's way forward as it was propelled by a massive 331 cui V8 which threw over 200 horsepower through it's 4 speed automatic. Propelled may actually be too strong a word, though. As at nearly 5000 pounds these drop top land yachts are about as far from fast as you can get. They advanced forward, carrying their weight with an air of class and luxury that competed with the pinnacle of European design during the era. Now certainly the Eldorado would be preferred for the classic SoCal convertible joy, but I know that Rockstar doesn't want to put in the effort to animate a new roof so I'd accept the hardtop Series 62 Coupe Deville, which was the penultimate version of it, with a well appointed leather interior and gorgeous chrome trim in and out. The main thing, in game, is detail work and good customization. Rockstar has proven they can do good work, even if they're going with cartoonish proportions like with the Impaler, and I'd like to see that continued. Realistic and time appropriate badging, small details being included and done well, the little things are what sells a car in games, and they've proven they can do it well. Given some options for the one off supercharger, lowrider style bumpers and liveries, this could be the best cruiser in the game.









Edited by Rockett800

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