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Where is the audio folder with all the audio? (Android)

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Can someone please help me about gta 3 android?

A want to delete the audio folder of this game, but i cant find that on the android!!!

Its in my android space not on an sd card.

I went to myfiles than ANDROID/DATA/COM:ROCKSTAR.GTA3/FILES/ and only 3 little couple kbyte files there!!

Where is the audio folder with all the audio?I downloaded total comander from play store after this, but i cant find there eather, just these 3 small files.



android/data/com.rockstar.gta3/ and somewhere here should be the audio folder ,but here is only files/and these 3 tiny files.


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I don't think this game comes with a separate audio folder for the Android version. You can also check in sdcard/android/obb/ folder.

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HI there!

First of all thanks for the answere, secondly thanks for putting here my comment from the "favorite vehichles" of gta3 topic. If it was you.


I checked the android/obb folder its almost nothing there, just a small file.

But believe me it has audio folder, i red a lot of websites, where the ppl disguss the remove complete audio folder makes the game totally lagless.

The path is : Android/data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/gta3/ --->and this is where it would be need show me the audio folder(or more, but including the audio)


Here is some websites, where someone try to help the players make the game very smooth.If u dont wanna click it, its ok, but u can trust me(i also dont like open other guys links, but here is some places where the audio folder delete was the point.:


i swear you can check this, this guy is really know what his talking about fixing the lagg issues with deleting or modifie with other sound files the gta 3. So here is



(play gta with sound, he means a couple of sound not the full audio of the game, and it makes the without any lagg.


So im sure it has a folder but i cant find it(tried more hours to find lol...)

Im almost sure, i cant see becouse my total commander is not showing the internal storage of the tab only the external.

The game is installed on the tabs internal space and a couple of kbyte is on the external or sd card.(this is what i can see in the total commander or samsungs myfiles file manager program.

How to swith in total commander to enable see the game folders.Becouse 1.3gb is in the internal but i cant find the gta folders.

If i go in myfiles and click the path: android/data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/gta3/--> and here is only 3 little files and nothing audio folder with all the game sounds!

pls reply or someone who knows.


sry for english

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ok, found the whole AUDIO folder of the game using the total commander on android.

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i'm having the exact same problem
i want to edit a audio file but there's nothing in android/data/com.rockstar.gta3/files/GTA3
only 3 small files, no audio folder, no nothing
can someone help?

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You can open the .obb file in android/obb/com.rockstar.gta3 with a simple archive software (like WinRar). Or easier - copy it to your PC, rename the extension to zip and you can open it.


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