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**Reaper Justice MC** XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS4

Reaper Justice MC

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Reaper Justice MC

In short, we are a group of motorcycle enthusiasts with a passion for being destructive, rebellious and without a doubt, Outlaws.

RJMC is making its mark on the GTA world with its outlaw antics. We move quickly and stop for no man.

We are currently looking for prospects to come join our mayhem. Our sessions usually consist of rides, free mode mayhem, demo derby, playlists, boxing at the cage, and of course, the infamous Brother Wars.

We are looking for mature, loyal members who want to be a part of an Outlaw MC. 17+ and mic is required!

Our prospect crew can be found on Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/rjmc_prospects

Prospect expectations:

1.) Prospect must be wearing Brown leather jacket with Prospect patch.
2.) Prospects will respect patched members and should never kill a member. Exceptions will be made when we are doing Brother Wars.
3.) You must take prospecting seriously. While there might be some minor hazing, we utilize the prospect skill to build members up. You will be expected to be active and accept invites to play with crew.
4.) You will be asked, at some point, to do dumb things. Maybe drive the crash van, maybe be bait for an enemy for another brother to get the kill, or maybe its just to wear a monkey mask. You will be expected to follow these orders. (We aren't walking around shouting orders, just that some things get tossed on the prospect)
5.) A Prospect is eligible for vote once he/she has earned 50k in RP while wearing their RJPC tag. This vote must be unanimous. If not, the officers will inform the prospect when he will be eligible for another vote.
5.) Prospects will have a focus on recruiting.
6) We expect prospects to be in our crew only. Anyone caught with a different crew set as active will be kicked. Loyalty is very important.
6) Prospects must have fun.

Check us out on Social Club: socialclub.rockstar.com/crews/RJMC_Prospects

We also have a FB Group for members: REAPER JUSTICE MC (GTA V)

Edited by ~Tiger~
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Reaper Justice MC

We are currently seeking PS4 Officers. Please let me know if you're interested.

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