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Hidden items in water


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I have found the sunken ship near the vice city ports. Is there such thing as a submarine in the water? I have seen schools of fish, sharks, a body, and what looks to be a dolphin. Is there such thing as a sub? If so where?

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There is one acually. I saw a pic of one but it could've been fake, but if it was, the person who did it did a REAL good job.

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Yeah, all those things are there, even the submarine, there have been topics...


*this should be locked*

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First, yes.  This topic HAS been posted before.  Second, yes. THERE IS A SUB in the water.


It's north of the first island and east of the other sunken ship thats up there.


the sub is dark grey and can be very hard to spot.  It's easier to see while your in the first person driving mode for any helicopter and use the "lookback/below" L2 R2 button combination.

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No need for the topic to be locked, the guy aint spamming.

I dont care if he's not spamming, the question has been answered and there isnt really anything more to say. Plus when ill comes in here hell say: "not a cheat, locked"

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It doesn't have to be a cheat, it's a trick, kind of. The question has been answered now anyway so it doesn't matter.



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I've seen a silouhette of a shark in the water, but nothing other than that besides a few huts and rocks.  And there just might be a pedestrian in the water.  If you scare them away they'll run anywhere, including the waterway.

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Yah what do you guy think those hut were there for? One thing that i know of there are two dead bodies, does anybody else know of more dead bodies besides the one on the rocks by the golf course and the one by your mansion...

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Thanks to all for helping me find where it is located. This is my first time on the Forum and I didn;t know it needed to be locked or what it means to be locked. Thanks to everyone for the info.  -J

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I did find the gray sub and was amazed at how easy it is to find that far out in the water. Has anyone ever seen a sailboat out in the horizon with its flag all the way up? I have seen what looks like a weird triangle object way out in the distance of the ocean. I believe it may be a sailboat. My question is, is there any way to get a sailboat and riase the flag on it or is this a dumb question? If this has been posted before, excuse m. I am new to the forum and have been searching for many new ideas and secrets now that i have beaten it 100%


If possible, are there any extremely hard to find secrets. Such as the submarine? If so, please post or tell me how to search the forum for them.   :r*:

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well, good luck on the forums, and the game

and feel free to ask me for help any time




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Unfortunately, you can't reach the ships on the horizon.  


As you approach them , they disappear.  On top of that, they seem to be too small compared to the rest of the game world.  This, I assume, is so that they seem farther out to sea.


I've seen:

Cruse ship

Sail boat

Battle ship

Aircraft Carrier

And I think I saw a pirate ship, but I could have been mistaken.

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  • 3 months later...

why does everyone want to keep locking topics.  just stop reading if you don't want to see it anymore.

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I've been trying to find the VC ghost town if there is one.  (marcos bistro).


Maybe there under Vice City?  in the submarine perhaps?  ill take a look :D

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Yall may not believe me but I was the first to find the submarine on the ps2 version. well atleast the first oen to post it on the internet.


it was a few days after release and I was doing checkpoint charlie. Im over by the docks and all of a sudden i saw somthign unde rme. i thought it was the sub that ppl had found textures of but it turned out to be a sunken ship. I then got my plane and started looking for the submarine. Then i found it north of Vice Point in the water. Along with another huge sunken ship. I was the finder of thoose 3. Back then everyone thought I was lying and that I had photoshopped the pics i took but it was all real. I had a lil fame on my forums back then but now no one belives me about it.



(i have proof but i would have to link to another forum to show you the thread. full of ppl dissing me saying i wa slying and the images were faked and dates so it was very early in gta vc days.)



edit: leo the game loads the textures up for the cut scenes like that so they do not exist while in gameplay sorta.



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