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Getting a police belt on different top(s)


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Does anyone know how to get the police belt on a different top (suit, tanktop, etc)? I seen a character in a public lobby wearing a police belt with a top that is not the police shirt.




I searched youtube far and back for a glitch about this but I couldn't find anything useful. Is this only obtained by mods?

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i can tell you but i'd have to slapyourass first haha joke aside, i wont hurt to send a message to the person asking.

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You must be on last gen or pc. This has to be a mod. It would be well known if it weren't.

Edited by TreFacTor
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Probably a modder, have not heard of a glitch that could give you the police belt only.

This guy probably save this outfit in LG, then transfered character to CG.

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That's a modded account and the belt and radio was put on using mods.

I've done it to a few of my outfits



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It most likely is a modded account BUT it could've been done with a glitch. It's the one were you saved outfits and changed your character's gender. That glitch is patched though on NG at least.

On LG there might still be a working glitch to do this though.

Edited by ChaosZake
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This is a glitch possible on the xbox 360 which remains un-patched. But It requires modifying your single player save file using the save editor on a pc.

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Nah nah nah Gta 6

It can be done on Last gen with the help of a save editor, but since theres no save editors on Current gen, this isn't possible to do unless you either transfer with the outfit or if you're on PC get some goon script kiddie to help you.


I wouldn't go through all that trouble just for a police belt, just wait for another glitch to pop up...hopefully....

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