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Asus Laptop - Black Screen Issue


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I'm hoping someone here could help me out as the Asus forums can't be assed to reply to my thread on there. I at least know I'll get some responses here. :)

Got an Asus G751 laptop, Republic of Gamers, looks nice. Got it 5-6 months ago and runs well. This morning I was watching some Netflix and the screen froze. Nothing worked so I held down the power button for a hard reset but that just made the screen go black. Keyboard didn't light up, power button still lit as well as the power and battery lights. Held the power button down for well over a minute and nothing. Searched the web and people said to remove the battery, press the power button, plug the charger and press the button again (and other combinations) except this laptop's battery is built-in and can't be removed. Well, that's what I gathered from my searching and the fact I'm not a big laptop guy and not wanting to unscrew stuff that I shouldn't.

The solution for me was to let the battery run out, press the power button so it fired up but power down again due to no battery charge, plug in the charger and power it up again. It's working but I'm afraid that I'm using a now unreliable laptop. I need this for work. I'm wondering if I should get the laptop checked (which will cost me money which I don't really have) or if it's a one-time issue (which I doubt). I heard about these laptops having black screens but it was typically at the start up and could be solved by a hard reset. Mine just froze completely for like 12 hours.

Any help would be appreciated!

Laptop looks like this for anyone intrested:



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I've seen black screens occurring on a friend's laptop due to overheating.

I doubt that would be the case with yours though.

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I'm guessing your laptop's motherboard is dead.


It can't be the RAM because usually faulty RAM allows you to POST atleast, and I highly doubt it's your power supply.


Send it in for repairs I think.


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