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Elitist Cupcakes Looking For MORE CUPCAKES To Join The Ranks!


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The Elitist Cupcakes are a new crew that was started by a couple friends, and the crew has recently found it's niche and is looking for additional like minded players. Our typical playtime is US Central evenings, on the PS4, and we partake in two main activities...


Heists - we love our heists, but hate waiting for random people to join, and having to gamble on their competence.


Freeroam Coordinated Assassinations (FCA) - this is what we call it anyway, and is this authors favorite activity. The most fun I've had in game has been doing this. How we do FCA is that we all get into our own car, all cars must be the same color (and preferably all the armored Kurama - but that's not required), and we all team up and try to kill the same player repeatedly. This involves car chases, cooperative ramming, herding the target toward the other, back alley chases, and pick ups if a partner dies and can't get back to their car.


When our vehicles are the same color and it becomes obvious that this is a crew coordinated activity, it becomes incredibly fun and attracts the attention of the other players in the room. Regardless of how many players get involved or how many cops there are, we continue to focus on the one player, and we continue to use our cars (as opposed to helicopters, tanks, or jets) so that the crew identification remains present.


What makes it even better, is that our logo is a cupcake (which we throw on our cars), our crew color is pink, and our cars are the crew color. Nothing like being attacked by a coordinated group of pink cupcake cars!




• Must have a microphone and be willing to get in party chat with us

• Must use a car with the crew colors (preferably the armored Kurama or the armored truck. This is a survivability thing due to the number of rounds you'll be absorbing).


My PSN name is Opie-Winston. Put "cupcake" or something in your friend request if you send one, because empty friend requests will be deleted.


Link to Social Club: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/elitist_cupcakes

Edited by StraightGHETTO_
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Gained another cupcake last night, and sounds like a couple of his buddies may become cupcakes too! I picked up my pink insurgent last night as well. This is fantastic!! The more pink cupcake cars causing havoc together in free roam - the better!


Are you man enough to kill people while driving a pink car with a cupcake on it?

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