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Secure your tech.


Recommended Posts

I would like to learn more about how to secure devices. All tips and tricks are welcome across all platforms.


My biggest tip for Android users would be to turn off the Auto-Backup feature in the Google+ apps settings to stop it from uploading all your personal pics on to a very hackable cloud.

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Ads claiming that they can speed up your device or put you in touch with thousands of local Russian woman in your area are mostly scams.


PC Optimizer Pro is a program I've found myself removing from a good few peoples PCs. To someone with little tech knowledge its enough to render their PC useless.

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Google's cloud is remarkably secure. Local compromise is several orders of magnitude more likely, not that anyone should give a sh*t about a few pictures anyway.




My advice-


1) Just because you don't think you do anything dangerous with your PC or phone doesn't mean you aren't vulnerable to various web based attacks. Given browsing Forbes "Thought for the Day" was enough to get you compromised via a zero-day vulnerability, you're basically safe nowhere. Assume nothing.


2) Disabling click-to-play in Flash, updating Java and not using IE will mitigate 95% of common threats. There have been something like seven exploited zero day vulnerabilities in Flash this year. If you can, just kill the f*cking thing dead.


3) Changing your password every 30/60/90 days is a mug's game. Reusing passwords isn't so bad either. You just need to be careful about the strength and guessability of the passwords you use, keep a handle on what's going on in the security landscape and be prepared to burn everything quick-sharp if you ever get your account compromised.


4) 2FA should be used absolutely everywhere you possibly can.


5) Mac malware is on the rise, and security through obscurity won't save you. If anything the Mac security landscape is in full-on regression; being the IT equivalent of a God bothered won't save you from digital herpes.


6) If in doubt, sandbox or (even better) VM everything. That way the worst you'll ever have to do is revert to a previous snapshot.

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Sabrant Rocket 2TB | Samsung 970 Evo 1TB | 2x ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q | Q Acoustics 2010i | Sabaj A4

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1. Avoid using public WiFi hotspots for your portable device. It's a no-brainer, really (especially that Indonesian public hotspots are typically slower than dial-up).


2. Update, update, update! There's a reason why back in 2003, Blaster and Sasser barely affects Windows Server 2003 while XP systems are infected rampantly.


3. Avoid the typical ritual of going "Next, next, accept, next" on installation wizards. This affects more people than you thought it would. I've seen a lot of people that barge ahead with no regards to installation wizards and ended up with bloated Windows installs that is barely usable due to ads and sh*ts.

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