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Happy 25th Anniversary Grand Theft Auto!

New phone


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For about more than a year I own this Samsung Galaxy S5 and I'm a little tired of it and I always wanted a big smartphone.

So I was browsing through the internet and my eyes caught the Huawei P8 Max with its 6.8" screen, which I damn want it.

But I do know tech and it seems to be a little downgrade from the S5. Am I right? I'd like play games on it like Asphalt 8, FIFA and GTA.

Of course GTA SA not on max settings because those reflections doesn't belong in old GTA games IMO and I rather want them off.

My ISP has an app to watch TV on the device, atleast on Android and does the P8 Max has Android?

Camera quality is not really important to me as I never take photo's, furthermore I'll be watching Netflix on it and because of 64GB

I can place my series on it to watch them. And I want to know, can the themes by DualBoot Games installed and used on the P8 Max?

It's this:



My sh*tty country no longer sells the P8 Max so I have to buy it off eBay.

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All phones these days are android except the awful Microsoft/Nokia phones and of course the highly overated Apple Iphones that can almost do all the same amount of things as an Android... while charging you money for everything thats free on android.


Apples for pompus parents and their kids... I've converted a few people over to Googles OS and they and their wallets haven't stopped thanking me since.


Not sure about yer themes but the OS on the P8 max is v5 Lollipop with a planned upgrade to the newest v6 Marshmallow software... so my educated guess would be yeah it probaly will be able to handle the themes, my Xperia running v4.4.4 Kitkat can get the themes from DualBoot so more than likely they will work on your new phone but as always I can't be 100% sure unless I were to see it running on the device myself.


May I add that that phone is a very nice looking and powerful model. 4G, dual sim, 64gb, 13MP camera, 3gb RAM and 6.8" screen. Good luck amigo.

Edited by TheMckeever
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Exactly my thoughts lol. My little brother recently regret his iPhone 5 and he sold it. I told him not to get Apple and really, he wasted money on it while

the apps are free on Android.


I'll never buy Windows Phone/Nokia anyway because of huge lack of apps availablity and my ISP also has no TV app for Windows Phone/Nokia anyway.


Yeah, it indeed looks very and it has the right screensize I'm looking for. I just need a little more informations about it.

I read on xda-developers forums, the international version has clean Android or the Chinese apps removed and Google App store installed on it.

It's this:



The thing about the themes are the OS of the P8 Max, it uses EMUI 3.1 or Android 5 or both? Weird thing.


And thanks, man.

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