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Rockstar Social Club friends not showing up in GTA


Go to solution Solved by Johan,

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Me and a friend are new in GTA online. I added him to my Rockstar Social Club friends list – on https://socialclub.rockstargames.com – and he accepted my request. Now he shows up on my friends list on the Social Club website.

But when I’m in GTA (online and offline Version on PS4) and I open the „friends“ menu, there’s a message saying that I don’t have any friends yet. The same message appears when my friend opens his friends menu on his PS3.

What are we doing wrong? Do I have to send him a friend request inside the game somehow, or what?

Thanks for your help!



Edited by Begbie
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  • Solution

Social Club friends only show up on the PC version I believe, to get your friend to show up on your friends list on consoles you'd have to add his PSN/Gamertag on the actual console.


If you or your friend don't know your ID, when you boot up your PS4 immediately press up on the d-pad and it'll show different categories, go all the way to the right (next to the icon with the headsets) and it should say "Profile"; press X and now just look on the top and right next to your display picture it should say your PSN ID.


To add someone on your PS4 just go to friends, search, type in the name and then send the friend request.


If you both have a PS3 then just go all the way to the right when you boot up the console and go to friends, your PSN ID should be there as well if you don't know it, the add a friend option is also there as well.


Hope that helps.

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