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So i was doing that long jump contest and.....


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I was using a cheetah and i went up the bank to go over the water and i bailed out because i new i wasn't going to make it, but my car froze in mid-air and i was standing on top of it. I then proceeded to jump off my car and on to the ground. if this has happened to anyone else let me know. I thaught it was pretty cool.


PS. for all you guys who read the thing about the golf course that i wrote. Im not stupid i new there ws a golf course, i was just bored as hell.

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Yeah, this happens a lot to me around the Hyman Stadium, up on the highest walking level, and try to get going fast, and launch my car off the railing. But that is the only place it ever happens. :turn:

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wait, you made a topic that was stupid cuz you were bored


i think i speak for us all when i say




and...oh... that's never happened to me either

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whats up with u?!?! he just posted a normal topic and u go all ape over it.its not a stupid topic  :/

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hey lay off here. Gnobes right this topic has got sum good stuff in and its interesting ur car frooze in mid air now that is cool!



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Let's try to stay on topic people...


Interesting Find flip. Something similar happened to me before, but interesting none the less.

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yeah i knew this. It happens whenever your driver side door is facing up towards the sky and you jump out. It is hard to do and i only got it to do it twice but it is pretty cool. Im pretty sure you can do it on any jump thing too.


Social: TOGA62

PS3: balltowellamp

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