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Device able to "flick" video from phone to tv?


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Is there a device that would allow me to flick/throw any videos I am watching on my phone (Android) to my tv?


A friend wants something like this for christmas and I can only see amazon firesticks and google chrome and I don't think that they have that funtion.

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Chromecast devices have a "casting" feature (duh :p) which works pretty well. I don't know of any other devices that allow you to "flick" media onto the screen. If I were you, just get your bud a Chromecast.

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If your mate has a ps3/4 (should work on xBoxs also) and a android phone... I'd use the "Pixel DMS" media sever app which is free and streams pics, music and videos over wifi to the consoles. Oh and if its a ps3 hes got you hit triangle on the file instead of X and you'll be given an option to copy the file to the PS3s hard drive.


The PS3s a better media player than any of the rest just because of the abilty to copy stuff to its HD. And yet many people are still unaware it can do such things.


Mckeever owns all the copyright on all his copied mp3s and mp4s... trust me he does.


I use Pixel DMS to backup pics and music I've got on my phone to the ps3. I use a USB to copy films to the ps3 as its more sturdy.


The PS4 doesn't allow you to copy stuff to it... Just streams stuff to its media player. Hence why I said the PS3s better cos the abilty to store things to it.


So if your mates got a games console or a smart TV I'd go with the Pixel DMS app. It's completely free and doesn't require any hardware(other than the phone you install it on)


I disabled the autostart option and set it to allow viewing of whole device... Just my prefered settings for the app


Pixel DMS is available on Playstore, only one I've found that works on Playstations and is so easy to use(2 clicks to start up your media server)

Edited by TheMckeever
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