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The Official Ranked Pilot List


Recommended Posts

Link to the Google Doc (updated constantly)

The Official Xbox One Pilot List

In an effort to preserve our history and to assist in establishing some form of organization among the piloting community, this list has been created. This page acts as a history book of sorts for our breed as well as a competitive ranked list. Any air to air pilot on the xbox one may choose to compete for the top ranks, and doing so will help record their history and endeavors for many years to come. This list was created to resemble the original pilots list managed by GermanTank9126(His gamertag is currently “GeeShepard”). May the endeavors of the ancient veteran pilots and rookies never go unseen.

Original Pilot List Link



zV Tempest Vz(Admin)

Feared Unicorns(Admin)


JohnStelfox81(Admin, YouTube Promoter)






If anyone wishes to help moderate the list please contact “zV Tempest Vz” or another moderator and you will be evaluated for the position.

Jet Tournament

Jet Destruction

Host: YouTuber: John_Stelfox81

30 Player max entry

Entry date: 11/24/15 to 12/16/15

Tournament date: 02/1/16

Prize: 1 Year Xbox Live Membership Card.

Honorable Mentions:

(Never official ranked but never forgotten)


vV xARESx Vv






this is so edgy


Typhxxn (SlitWristSavior)






Wispy Jo

THC In My Tree

Original Delta


DoNT CRY 420

Almighty Luis

The Neurotoxin

Deceptive Cause

Grafitti Shop

oBigZer0 HD

Retired Pilots:

XNAX SA - Rank 2nd - 9/24/2015

l69supersonic69 - Rank 3rd - 10/26/2015

F16xDOGFIGHTER - Rank 3rd - 10/23/2015

xII D3AD1Y IIx Rank - 7th - 10/8/2015

ll P996 ll - Rank 7th - 10/7/2015

ZV5 X RoXaS - Rank 8th - 11/7/2015

sAnxiety - Rank 10th - 10/2/2015

vX MIS3RY Xv - Rank 10th - 9/25/2015

XxxJAYSTONERxxX - Rank 10th - 10/2/2015

xll KARA xll - Rank 10th - 10/24/2015

xHardstyleez - Rank 13th - 10/7/2015

llRockStarII - Rank 13th - 10/21/2015

KriiZye Carlos - Rank 24th - 10/16/2015

VIP x Psychoo - Rank 26th 18/10/2015

TheWoozyy - Rank 28th - 9/21/2015

II xDIGGERx II - Rank 31st - 11/1/2015

Wubsssy - Rank 37th - 10/30/2015

If anyone chooses to challenge another pilot to a ranked match(call out) please inform a moderator. UPDATE: From this point on(10/28/2015) an asterisk will be place on any name on the list already locked into a match.


Ranks by Gamertag:

  1. zVI Cyclxne IVz

  2. ShabbylDagger

  3. DesiredFORBIDEN

  4. XXxxwaelxxXX*

  5. zV Tempest Vz

  6. Feared Unicorns

  7. JohnStelfox81

  8. XxNiCoMoDzxX*

  9. Axraels*

  10. llShAwNn6ll

  11. llNimbusll

  12. Shattered Skys

  13. Huge Head Hank

  14. oxl Jesus lxo

  15. RegardedxOutlaw

  16. AK Devious

  17. SniffDerLation*

  18. ll Killer Koala*

  19. Zlv Kougat vlZ*

  20. TH0MA53C

  21. Original Obama


  23. Feared Aviator

  24. zkydash8

  25. Il Talisman lI

  26. Pablo Esobar1

  27. Jadis r 2000

  28. TheCreamGoblin*

  29. NeedAKleenex

  30. RLDx Optimus


  32. EMC xAirborne

  33. DropDeadScum

  34. YurWurstEnemy

  35. dashakid

  36. UnfoIded

  37. ObeyTheMarksman

  38. SleepyGoon

  39. ObeyTheRpg

  40. oSilentSkillz

  41. Sentinel Cypher

  42. ol K 3 V 7 N lo


  44. Leon3 510

  45. Wezeeys

  46. zLewty*

  47. CatchMeIfYuhCan

  48. ll Lucifero ll


  50. Easywayout v1


  52. vl Memories lv

  53. I Bake Herbs

  54. NCFx MERY 88*

  55. Beauty Longsack

  56. qpDelusionalqp

Rank Updates

Date: 11/7/2015


  • XxNiCoMoDzxX has called out XXxxwaelxxXX for the 4th rank.

  • Axreals has called out JohnStelfox81 for the 7th rank.

  • Axreals has defended their rank against ll Lucifero ll with the score of 10-2.http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Axraels/screenshot/2477211

  • Feared Unicorns has defended their rank against XxNiCoMoDzxX with a score of 10-4.Screen Shot

  • XXxxwaelxxXX defeated zV Tempest Vz with a score of 10-0. XXxxwaelxxXX has moved up to the 4th rank.

  • XXxxwaelxxXX has called out zV Tempest Vz for the 4th rank.

Date: 11/6/2015


  • ZV5 X RoXaS has decided to retire from ranked dogfighting. Their rank of 8th will be forever preserved on this date.

  • “qpDelusionalqp” has been added to the list. They have been placed at the 57th rank.

Date: 11/5/2015


  • DesiredFORBIDEN has called out ShabbylDagger for the 2nd rank.

  • AK Devious has called out ZV5 X RoXaS for the 8th rank.

  • NCFx MERY 88 has called out Zlv Kougat vlZ for the 20th rank.

  • TheCreamGoblin has called out SniffDerLation for the 18th rank.

  • “Beauty Longsack” has been added to the list. They have been placed at the 56th rank.

  • XxNiCoMoDzxX has called out Feared Unicorns for the 5th rank.

  • zVI Cyclxne IVz defended their rank against XxNiCoMoDzxX with a score of 10-1. (screenshot in progress)

Date 11/4/2015


Date: 11/3/2015


Date: 11/2/2015


  • RegardedxOutlaw has called out Huge Head Hank for the 13th rank.

  • RegardedxOutlaw defeated AK Devious with a score of 10-7. RegardedxOutlaw has moved up to the 15th rank. (screenshot pending)

  • Huge Head Hank defeated oxl Jesus lxo for the 13th rank with a score of 10-4. (screenshot pending)

  • Huge Head Hank called out oxl Jesus lxo for the 13th rank.

  • “I Bake Herbs” has been added to the list. They have been placed at the 54th rank.

  • UPDATE- “JohnStelfox81” has been promoted to admin.

Date: 11/1/2015


  • UPDATE- “Feared Unicorns” has been promoted to Admin.

  • “vl Memories lv” has been added to the list. They have been placed at the 53rd rank.

  • “UNMERCIFUL JET” has been added to the list. They have been placed at the 52nd rank.

  • Feared Unicorns has called out JohnStelfox81 for the 5th rank.

  • Feared Aviator has forfeited the 22nd rank to xTHExPROxGAMER. The 3 day grace period has ended.

  • RegardedxOutlaw has called out AK Devious for 14th place.

  • “Easywayout v1” has been added to the list. They have been placed at the 52nd rank.

  • ObeyTheMarksman defeated SleepyGoon with a score of 10-3. ObeyTheMarksman moves up to the 36th rank. http://i.imgur.com/U8Cl0xW.jpg

Past Updates

Match Rules/Suggestions(Jets):


  1. Any deathmatch used for competing on the pilot list must have a score limit of AT LEAST 10. Time limit must be set for an hour to allow for attiquate time for the match. This can be done by hosting the session in an invite only lobby. An alternative would be to set the time limit to one hour with no score limit, if both pilots agree to it. EDIT: As of 10/7/2015 this rule is strictly enforced. Whoever is making the callout is responsible for providing the correct conditions for the match. The defending pilot is responsible for making themselves present, and for making sure the match also has the correct conditions.


  1. As of 10/24/2015 a new rule has been added. Any pilots who register onto either list will endure a mandatory fourteen day period before may they withdraw from being ranked. If anyone wishes to retire from the ranked lists, they can not be added back on for fourteen days.


  1. To start a single merge dogfight both pilots must approach each other head on at the same elevation, while allowing themselves room to make a non-combative adjacent pass. Elevation is to be decided by both parties involved.


  1. Combat merge kills do not count for a score, if you are combat merged by a pilot while competing for the list record it and let an admin know. Any pilot who combat merges automatically forfeits.

  2. If a samurai kill occurs during a ranked match, the point(s) earned needs to be removed.


  1. Taking a screenshot of the leaderboard at the end of the match is mandatory. Since GTA and Dogfight matches are played on a public forum, recording the match is not always a bad idea either though not required.


  1. To be put on the list simply inform a moderator and you will be placed automatically at the bottom. Any pilot can challenge ANYONE above them on the list for their spot. If a challenger succeeds in defeating their opponent they will be placed one rank higher than the person they just faced. Doing this will cause everyone below them to descend one rank. Any individual is allowed to compete, though they may only do so under one gamertag, if that gamertag is changed by microsoft please inform an admin.


  1. While competing for the pilot list if you lose your match you will need to wait a week to rematch. If the other party accepts, the rematch can be scheduled earlier at the leisure of both parties.

  2. Any time a “Draw” occurs, no ranks changes will take place.


  1. To officially call-out another pilot for their rank, make it known to any of the moderators that you are competing for a position and against whom ahead of time before your dogfight. Make contact with them and make your intentions known. Don’t forget to take a screenshot at the end of the match.


  1. Weather during a dogfight match will be set to “clear” unless both pilots agree on another option.


  1. If you are challenged for your spot on the list and you decline to dogfight your challenger then your rank will be forfeited and you will descend a rank. The challenger will then be given the rank you once had. Every time you are challenged you have three days to accept the challenge.


  1. While competing for a rank, the match must be completed using the P-996 lazer, unless BOTH parties agree to utilize the H-27 Hydra.


  1. If a pilot chooses to “retire”(word it how you will) please notify an admin. The pilot’s rank at their resignation date will be frozen along with the date they retired. Every pilot ranked below them at that point will then be ranked up. If they choose to compete again for the list and come out of retirement, they must start at the lowest rank.



Edited by zVI Jackal IVz
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