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I'm hosting a life RP almost every day. They will be detailed and I already have 6 people wanting to do it. Here are the jobs that you can do:



Air Traffic Control


Fire Fighter

Police ( that doesn't mean you have privileges)

Bus driver

Taxi driver

Car dealer

Shop keeper

Lorry driver

Bus mechanic

Car mechanic

And any jobs you think are worth doing.


You will be given £30,000 to start and will have to find a car that is less than £30,000 to have.


ALL road rules apply. Speed limit and traffic lights.


For any other questions, ask. Put your gamer tag if your interested and I am hosting one tonight 7:00PM GMT

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I'll be online then so will give this a go!




Strip club manager if possible.

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I got 2 guys

Gt: INVIZ ScimaTics

he would like to be a stripper.

Gt: x NBK x Ninja

he would like to be a taxi driver

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Hey Ben, how's things I see that your moving up in the world of organised gaming, I'm happy to come on, on Monday, do we start new characters or can we use out current ones? I wish to be a pilot!

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Ben I am on a no Xbox challenge, it stops on Monday and I will get £30 for shark cards but I will ask and it seems fun XD

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If you want to join my role play tonight at 5:00pm GMT, type 'I'm in' just so I can see if it is worth hosting. If I have 5 or more I will host

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