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Help Wanted (heisting PS4)


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I'm looking for players that want to run Pacific Standard on PS4 regularly. I'm on very often and have a method for every single heist & setup. All I need to make stupid amounts of money is a group of like-minded players. Reply with your PSN and I'll add you.


I literally only need warm bodies. If you already know what you're doing, that's great.

Edited by Kyphosian
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PsnID: Khumaro




Everyone who wants a good member to play Pac Standards with can add me, not only the op

Edited by Khumaro
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Add me, always down and have done it many many times.


Psn: captainspade6

Edited by Captainspade6
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Hey, you can add me, Mystikal-Arrow . I'm always down for some heisting and making the Dollar signs! Always available. Trying to rebuild my bank account since my last few purchases haha, i'm kinda broke now :/

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Add me if you like. I have plenty of experience with this particular heist. Lvl 379



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Ps4 GTAi96. Add me. I could use the help. I need a crew and I haven't done any heists. Level 43 and not a lot of money

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My apologies to RoadkillGumbo, tenderronii, and GTAi96. I can't find any of you on PSN... I refuse to believe you've mistaken your Xbox consoles for PS4s, but lack any other real explanation.


I can only assume my network is being moody, so I'll try friending you all again in the morning.

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