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Fastest Way To level Up? RP Legit


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A friend of mine has just got a copy of GTA 5, times now are not the same as 2 years ago when a 60 second Violent Duct run could gain you thousands of RP. So, the real question is: Whats The Best Way To Get Fast RP?

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If he wants the most consistent way to earn the most RP, then contact missions are the way to go.

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there are a couple of spreadsheets out there which tell you which missions give the most RP for 15mins. What I started doing, is play every mission top to bottom and created a spreadsheet of how much money I made, RP etc. It would be worth while doing this a) you earn tons of money doing all the missions b) figuring out which ones are the best.


Dry Docking, Diamonds are for Trevor each give you around $5K RP, other ones like Satellite communications give you $4K


Run your own heists over and over, you earn money and rp naturally.


DM"s if you play with a friend, you take turns, each should net the winner $5K and also keep your K/D intact, not great for money though, but if you play for 10 mins each DM, you get $13K, 3 DM's net you $40K and 15K RP, not bad.


Diversity Diversity Diversity, else you will go nuts, play all of them so you don't go insane.

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- GTA Today by Simeon Yetarian (level 12 required): 1800 RP (Hard)

- No Smoking by Lamar Davis (level 30 required): 1690 RP (Hard)

-Crystal Clear Out III (Freemode Co-Op Mission) level 40 and from 7 am to 3 pm required (1800 RP - Hard)

- Disk the Dirt by Geralt (level 45 required): 2510 RP (Hard)

- Cleaning the Car House by Martin Madrazo (level 45 required): 4090 RP (Hard)

- Four Trailers by Lester Crest (level 45 required): 4120 RP (Hard)

- Wet Workers by Ron Jakowski (level 55 required): 3650 RP (Hard)

- Satellite Communications by Trevor Philips (level 60 required): 4900 RP (Hard)

Edited by Zeta87
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