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Lance vance


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Geez, I must be really slow. Just started a new game and only now did I realise that the dudes you do the busted drug deal with at the start is Lance and his brother. But howcome Lance's brother is a colombian? Or is he just putting on the accent?


Anyway Ive been through the game twice, I realised that Lance was done over by Diaz, but didnt realise it was in the same deal as Tommy, until I saw Lance was the pilot of the chopper in the exchange at the docks!


I Feel foolish!

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i noticed lance in the helicopter at the start but i didn't realise that columbian was his brother (victor)

good find....




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good work my friend


i didn't know Lance (the backstepping bastard) was piloting the chopper in the beginning of the game


:die: LanceVance Dance


OH NO, I (the retarded one) SPOKE ONCE AGAIN!!

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Yea, I didnt notice that untill my second time through the game either, because of the fact that Lance's brother talks with a Columbian Accent.

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Yeah, there is a lot of twists and turns in Vice that you don't notice first up.


BTW, you see pretty much his whole body and his face, not just some of his lower clothes.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Well, as for the Lance betrayal thing- anyone else think that this was inevitable?  I mean, if theres one thing that GTA has taught us its: There can only be ONE  :cool: I mean seriously- I KNEW something was gonna go sour when Tommy became a prick about being the man.  Seriously- I understand WHY he did- I mean Jezuz- he f***ed Vice City up!  (In a thug/good way).... but I KNOW that everyone saw this coming- Tommy couldnt just PRETEND to be a partner to Lance, after all, Lance DID do SOME things- though he almost got his ass killed a couple of times.  But still, In a way, when I beat the final mission- I kinda started to think that it was kinda sad the way things ended- but then, everything was fine when Tommy acted like he was loosing someone.  Anyway, what do you guys think?

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You are all retards! The driver was Diaz... He has an accent... Double checked Heli driver... no comment on that being lance...


Finish "Keep Your Friends Close..." And you'll see Diaz really was the one to blow the deal...


Geez, do all off you have a short attention span?


Something else: I personall... eh.

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