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[IDEA] The Monster Truck Update/DLC


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In Grand Theft Auto: Online, I think it would be a great idea to have the ability to make our own monster trucks. Of course, you wouldn't be able to have them in your garages, but instead you can call them in through Pegasus.

Here's how it would work:

There will be no garage to go into to make them. Instead, there will be a website (let's say www.monsterbuilds.net).

There will be a list of vehicles that you can use for the chassis of your truck. Here it is:

There will also be a variety of vinyls that you could put on them like in the Lowriders update (of course, they won't be the same, but that's for Rockstar to decide) and you can change the wheel and chassis color. Also, you should be able to name your trucks.

Here is an example:
Chassis: Declasse Tornado
Color: Metallic Carbon Black
Livery: Flames with skulls
Wheel color: Black
Name: Mr. Mayhem
When finished with your build, you can set an order for your beast of a creation and it will be available from Pegasus. You can then order it and enjoy crushing everyone's puny little battery cars. :evilgrin::lol:

Edited by TheFlyingAce
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So, basically a lowrider update for monster trucks, with the ability of making your own one (kind of the same thing as the second versions of the lowriders)?


I like it.

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i kinda think this sort of might happen after the lowrider update i like the idea, im not saying monster trucks but i get the feeling they are going to open a shop for sports cars aswell as open up a seperate 4x4 shop to jack up cars to the hight of the sandking but then again they might not im just going off early screens on their website before the game came out talking about mod shops and yet there was only 1 west coast customs

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I'm down with this!


Other cars I would add:







Rat Truck




Dubsta 6x6 (okay this one might be a bit too crazy)







Stinger (and Stinger GT)


Minivan (it would be hilarious)




Bobcat XL





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