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Added Cars DLC crashing

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So after the lowrider update I moved out my mods folder to play online with lowriders. But now I added it again, added the line in dlclist.xml because the update removed it, and now the game crashes at loading with "ERR_SYS_FILELOAD" ... I have changed nothing but reimported my mods folder into the game (of course I have updated my update.rpf with the new one and changed some files)


My mods folder works without the DLC but doesn't when the DLC is enabled...



Please help, thanks

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If I'm reading this right, your mods work fine without the Lowrider DLC, but with it you experience crashes? Sounds like it might be trying to load too many cars for the default version of gameconfig.xml.


Try this:


1. Go to update.rpf in OpenIV (or your mods\update.rpf)
2. Go to common\data and extract gameconfig.xml
3. Open gameconfig.xml, search for VEHICLE_SPAWN, Vehicles, VehicleModelInfo, and ExtraVehicleModelInfo
4. See the value that ISN'T "1"? (it's normally 5301 or something, whatever) Increase those by a few thousand or hundred each.
5. Put your new gameconfig.xml in and try again.

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No I have my mods folder working fine WITH the lowrider DLC (after the latest update) , but when I import my custom DLC pack ( I have 4 new modded cars in it, like lambos and ferrari) , game crashes at loading with "corrupt game data" error.


I have edited the dlclist.xml to have my custom DLC loaded by the game but it crashes.

If this can help


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Maybe your custom archive or files within archive are corrupted, try to rebuild the dlc.rpf.

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Still same message "ERR_SYS_FILELOAD"


I'm 99% sure it's a problem in a meta file or something like that but I double-checked everything...

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Well it works now, it was the car mod file line in content.xml, it was totally f*cked up.

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