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Vangelico's... Errr, I mean David Orgell's


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I'm a die hard for the "semi" realistic conversions, and to that end, I present you with my latest WIP (and royal pain in my...)!



Vangelico's? Not for much longer I'm afraid. :p








The real version, if you're interested. Absolute duplication isn't possible, thanks in whole to C*'s programming, unfortunately. I still need to tone down the blue a bit, as you can see.









I also fixed the upper window blind(?) alignment while I was at it. Click the spoiler below to see.














To that end, I am having a problem locating the upper awning. If anyone knows offhand, my eyes would thank them profusely. As I've been searching for 2 1/2 days w/o finding the correct awning (hint: it's not in x64l that I can tell, although I may have overlooked it). Any help there would be very, ahhhh, helpful? Before I have an anyeurism, that is. ;)



Also, I tried changing the windows, and the way C* has fragmented the files, it's simply not worth the effort to cut up the photo's into a jigsaw puzzle. As C*'s texture alignment foolery will take at least a week, perhaps longer because they really butchered it. It's a real hack job. They didn't so much fix it, as fix at it whilst over-complicating it into a discombobulated mess. It takes real talent to screw something up that badly, and somehow it still works afterwards. Then ofc, there's the emmisive editting problem as well that is currently untouchable. God I miss modding older games sometimes... Lulz

Edited by f4lse_proph3t
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Update: Loaded the "real" game (heist) interior, & still have a bit to do, but it's coming out well so far. Adjusted the color saturation of the front of the awning to match the irl version & added a little weathering/aging to it (not like the real version, but it matches the game environment). I'm still looking for the upper portion of the awning, & it's starting to chafe my...nethers.






I also noticed a little bit of a crooked angle built into the upper window frame, which ofc skewed the blind as well, and I fixed both. Plus I tossed in a little more mold in the corners of the upper windows to boot. A sharp eye may have caught that I'd added a bit in the earlier pics too. If not, no worries, it's easily overlooked due to it being well blended in and natural looking. Next up: going to rework the plate glass windows again, because I have an idea about how to use the chopped up butcher job C* did to the window files, in an advantageous way *just to spite them*.



Additionally, those curtains are such low res, I feel a need to rework the entire thing anyway. Pretty shamefull, considering that this is the first SP heist location, and they didn't even bother to detail things correctly. The LOD's and fake interior especially, are laughably bad...



Still have a bit of work to do on the texture alignment between the the Corum door sign differences on the fake storefront vs. the heist version as seen here.



@GoodNTS: if you're skulking around; any ETA on exporting/importing 3D models & emmissives? This "V" door handle is killing me even if the texture more or less matches the real life store now, lol. :D









Last but not least, I have to get rid of whatever is causing the backing(?) of the faux credit card door sign. Strangely enough, on the "fake" version, it doesn't have this issue. I exported to .png, and didn't save the alpha channel color, so I'm not sure what caused this unless it's an external backing decal or perhaps the model itself. I'll try layering in the green glass color, and see if that corrects the problem, as I've had just about enough of rooting through file trees for one day (looking for that damnable awning :p).



No, it's not found under anything named "heist", "he", "hei", "heis" "jewel", "je", "jew", "jewe", "vag", "van", "vang", "vange" "vangelico", or "kiss my XXX". I checked them all. I think I've pretty much exhausted the possible search terms in OpenIV, along with my brain. Back to manually plowing through each and every .ytd & .ydr. *Cracks whip* ;)








Edited by f4lse_proph3t
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Time for another update. I've been working on the interior of late (and putting off tearing through the files manually to find that awning top ;)). Replaced the framed pic's with some more realistic ones, need to do a bit of alignment tweaking, but they're close to finished. Tossed out the crappy 70's vintage teak on the cabinets & necklace stands in favor of some bespoke finishing befitting a modern store on Rodeo Drive.

To kick things off proper, those Vangelico's boxes & bags are also going the way of the dinosaur... Next up: replacing the watches as well. The jewelry I can live with, even if it is low poly models. That gold color tho, it gotta go. I've seen better gold coloration in cracker jack prizes. That...that joint is wack. :D




Actually, I just snapped a couple of photo's of some veneer I have set aside for a custom set of speakers I'm building atm, lol. A pomele figured Sapelle, and a quilted (waterfall) Bubinga, both are African Rosewood varieties, which are quite exotic types of burl. I'm sure you can see why I chose them for my projects, trippy looking as hell from that 3D optical illusion. It gets better as they age too, especially with a high gloss finish. Nitrocellulose laquer's are best, but impossible to find any more; thanks EPA! Ya pricks...



You'll remember I mentioned the lack of quality work on R*'s part. Take a moment to give a close inspection to the first cabinet photo, there's a really good example; the texture was sized to exactly that of the original game asset to make sure, and as you can see, the gaps from their haphazzard texture placement. They even colored the model itself the same as the texture to hide their terrible quality work. Pathetic. It's not a big deal, I'll just have to oversize the texture a little bit. I had to do the same to the front portion of the awning, which it covered fine afterwards.

I should have this ready for release in about a week, in case you're wondering, as I still have a couple of files that I have yet to locate. Not to mention a bit of tweaking left still to do. ;)

A few more pic's here: http://imgur.com/a/LcZDt


Edited by f4lse_proph3t
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Well, I finally found the awning I was looking for, for the good news. I'd overlooked it, as it was attached to a section of wall detail, and blended in perfectly.


Now, for the bad news: That awning is used on just about every single building in that entire block with the sole exception being A.R. I change it, and they all become blue as well (varying shades of blue actually). Until we can edit the 3D model itself, either in embedding additional textures, or being able to modify the model directly, or forcing different file locations for the texture on the model, we're sh*t out of luck.



I'll edit the name into the original black colored awning front, as well as provide the colored front, and the fully colored awnings seperated if you don't mind all of them being blue to some degree on 2 Rodeo.



Sorry, that's the best that can be done at the moment as far as I know, due to C*'s game/engine/programming.

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Just to illustrate the problems I alluded to earlier concerning the awning, disregard the color difference. This was just a quick test to make sure it was the correct awning...


Notice that the awning color is also found in the window boxes now as well. That wasn't by design on my part.


Further down the road>>>


I mispoke earlier. It seems there's two awnings on the block that aren't affected by changing this one.

The other shops:


So yer, that's why we can't have nice things. The base color for those awning's is hard coded into the .ydr file, and there's nothing we can do to affect that, w/o causing other undesireable changes. :v::(

That's all for now. I've just about nailed the photo alignment down, only a couple of pixel width adjustments are necessary. Going to start on the watches tomorrow, and try to find that stack of unfolded boxes to fix up too. Then the boards for the post heist closed storefront, aannnd then, time to release. :)


Interior photos: http://imgur.com/a/CIpS3

Edited by f4lse_proph3t
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