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PS4 Halloween Party TONIGHT! Oct 31st.


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Hello! i am hosting a Halloween party on PS4 tonight at 7:00 PM. US Eastern Time.

Just add me, and message me that you want to come to the party on PSN, and i will invite you to the party! (Or you can leave your PSN ID in the comments below and i will add you.)

My PSN is: ItzCadence

It will definitely be an awesome party! I have lots of stuff planned for everyone to do! and after

we finish doing all the activities, we will go back to the host's apartment, and chill for a while.

and before the party ends, we will take a group photo of everyone in their awesome costumes!

If you have any suggestions on some activities we should do. please message me on PSN with your

suggestion. all suggestions are welcome!


1: No weapons are allowed. The flashlight is fine, just don't kill anyone with it.

2: And obviously, NO killing. i think i made that pretty clear with the first rule anyway.

3: Dress up in a costume! thats the whole point of the party!

4: If you can, please be online at least 10 minutes prior to the start time of the party. (If you don't want to miss out on anything!) i will start inviting people to the session around 6:55 (US Eastern time zone).

5: A microphone is NOT required! i won't be using one, since i haven't bought one yet.

but if you want to talk to the other players at the party, feel free to use your mic. but please no screaming or trolling! (if someone is annoying you, please just message me, and i will kick them from the session.)

6: If you can, please paint the car you plan to bring to the party, Black, Orange, Purple, or Red, to fit the theme of the party.

7: Please take lots of selfies and pictures! we want to document this party!

Event Details:

These are the locations we will be going to during the party:

- The air-strip in Grapeseed (car meet location)

- Mount Chiliad

- Haunted Mine

- Del Perro Pier

- Vanilla Unicorn

- Host's Apartment

Edited by CheetahGTA
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