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Recommended Posts

this is the weapon section plz reply after dis


****************hand 2 hand*********************



fist:good if u have nothin else for fun punch the livin crap outa cops


brass knuckles:bit better than fists ideal 4 will reagle from wwe


***************melee weapons*******************


baseball bat: home run! *smack*


chainsaw: ouch there goes another arm


golf club: golf was always a borin sport so lets show them how it should be played


hammer:great 4 hammering things such as nails skulls kneecaps and toes


katana: ohhh there's another head


knife:i like pointy things i like pointy things i like pointy things


machete:ow stop ACCIDENTLY kilin me. i'll tell on u


meat cleaver: *ouch* whoops sorry cop i thought u were a pig


trungen: could be mistaken for a dil


screwdriver: u got a screw loose let me help AAGGHHH OW




colt 45: $100 4 dis


python: more like it 1 shot 1 kill




ingram mac 10: uzi uz me


tech 9:bad accuracy but more power (use 4 close range)


uzi 9mm:oww thats gotta hurt powerful and accurate


mp5:more powerful still accurate best uzi


******************assault rifles*******************


ruger:acurate and kinda power ful slower than m4 at killin


colt m4:accurate powerful good firing




shotgun: powerful wide spread


stubby shotgun: very powerful but slow large spread


spaz 12:rapid firing very powerful




sniper rifle:deadly long range


psg1:inferred sensors rapid firing


*****************heavy weapons*****************


flame thrower:i love the smell of bacon in the mornin opps sorry officer.


m60:very very powerful but may jump up or move whilst firing.


minigun:its fast it last good strong weapon


rocket launcher:hmm thats a big fire work display




grenade:  :die:


detonator: special rc grenade


petrol bomb: throw at gays and whatch the fire burn








Thanks 4 readin this now FORCE urself 2 reply




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(per)Menant Dreams



ok.  :dontgetit:


I suppose this should be pinned...but then again....ah nevermind.



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uh, yeah, i agreee with the above. wtf?


btw, the m60 doesn't jump up & down when you are shooting it. it is my fav weapon. :pp  :p  :pp

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Tough love don

gee thanks orbit,I didnt know there were so many weapons in the game, your posts are always really informative :O  :sarcasm:



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tough love don listen i did not wish to annoy and im (sorry)

no hard feelings eh im gonna change ma sig

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this is all u need to know about weapons

good stuff orbit

theres also a car database which has some good stuff in it

read read read



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