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Xbox One Players Leave Your GT For Heist Invites


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It's hard to find serious players when doing a heist or setups.

So leave your gamer tag and ill add you or you can add me and message me.

Let other people add you so remember to leave your level and gamer tag in the comments



LEVEL - 123

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I prefer doing heists with experienced players like yourself, so add me if you like. I'll add you now on XB1.



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Looking for high levels and people who know what their doing to help me finish Prison Break. I'd be willing to do any others afterwards. Message me on Xbox.

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What country are you guys? None of my friends play gta anymore and I'm finding it a pain doing heist with randoms, so I'm keen to help out.


GT: wannaslide

Level: 114

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Looking to do heists with fair players who don't leave mid heist! Or that don't quit after one attempt.


Level 73

Gt :


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GT: xbabbaganooshx


Level: 254


Always up for heists with experienced players. Will be on this weekend.

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GT: SquintRock9526

Level 78

Always keen to do heists




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GT: RuskiCommie

Level: 283

U.S.A. (PST)


I rarely ever host heists, but feel free add to me If you need help in finishing a particular heist, It doesn't matter to me which one. I've done all the heists before, as well as, I've played all the respectable roles that you can in each individual heist, so I know what to do and can deliver strongly. I have the Heavy Armor vest and helmet saved as an outfit. I have full snacks and armor 99% of the time. I tend to play around 9 P.M./10 P.M. PST and I also do have a mic. Feel free to add me and I would be more than happy to assist with any heist :). I ask that you please let me know that you are from GTAForums, so I don't ignore your message and came from this thread.

Edited by RussianCommie


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I'm only a level 31 and have no experience with heists. I would like to participate, though.


I don't like the monkey mask-wearing children and take playing missions seriously.


If you would like to train up a faithful and reliable crew member who will take direction and not run around like an idiot, get in touch!


GT - Gustopher7

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GT --> DerpMusturd680

Lever --> 62


Serious for heists please be willing to do at least 20% for finale heist :p

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