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GTA V real live radio! working in game!


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i say semi live because the radio stream pauses each time you are not in a car.


first you need to have vlc installed.


the you have to find the url for the stream.

you can usually find them on the radio providers web site.



then you go to vlc media player and click on "Media" then "Open Network Stream". Past in the stream. and then click the little arrow next to the play button. and choose stream. then click next.

in the dropdown menu choose "file" and click add.

then click brows .you have to find the destination of GTA V "user music". its usually under "Documents/Rockstar Games/ GTA V/ User music. click next. in the drop down menu find "Audio - MP3", click next, and then stream.


you also have to put in a couple of MP3 files in the same folder to be able to listen to "Self Radio" in the game.


once your in-game. go in to the settings and go into "Audio" . and in "Self radio mode, choose "Sequential.


then you can play the radio. NOTICE: the other songs you put in the playlist may be playing when you first start. but they stop as you get to the "real" radio.



and remember! as i stated in the beginning. the radio WILL pause when you are not in a car. so don't sett your clock after it! :-P


hope it helps :-)

Edited by johanpsp
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This actually works somewhat. However, it seems to randomly switch to the next song on the playlist which can be a bit frustrating, and if you put back the stream, you have to start all over again. Thanks for sharing though.

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