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Funny radio comments


Recommended Posts

VCPR- "Jan has foned in from Starfish Island and has pledged us $10 dollars!"


Jonathan- "You think she could have given more!"

Other Lady- "Yes mean b*tch!"



Flash- "Are you tired of Dad? "Dad no-one wants to hear your stupid Vietnam Stories" Are you tired of Mom? "Hi Angel doya wanna go outside or read a book?" "NO!" Degenatron!



Also on just to point out if u aint noticed alredy tht, on GTA 3 Lazlow on Chatterbox says: "This is Chatterbox with me Lazlow, cos I got kicked off the rock station" - which of course is V-ROCK! =)

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"Do it the true american way...lock up your daughters...shoot your sons.." "Dad!" *bang*


Crude but funny

The Precinct - We're upping our standards, so up yours!

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Rated R for retarted allways cracks me up  :D

oh how true...the 1st time i heard that...KNIFE AFTER DARK rated R for retarded..... i laughed for 10 minutes...The salivex commerical petty funny..."AFTER A NIGHT OUT WITH SALIVEX MY MOUTH TASTED LIKE CARPET....NOW I CAN LICK MY LIFE PARTNERS......stamp collection"  HAHA gotta luv lesbos

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"Wasn't that wonderful? Like a beautiful women bending over to pick something up...or a fat chick who has suddenly lost a lot of weight." - Fernando Martinez

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Fernando Martinez-"I touch myself"


I got that while flipping through stations, I hope I got it out of context...  :sui:

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I cnt be bothered to type it out so youll just have to read my sig. thats the best one expecially how he says it.

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OMFG!! You are right, he is real!! look in the manual, flip to the back (under sounds of the city, page20.) Look under VCPR, and it says:



Konstantinos Smith: Konstantinos.com


sh*t!! Share this discovery whit the world, man!!


Oh, and Im gonna have to go with this quote (offa VCPR, of course!!;) :



Iv about had it wit you Barry. Iv tried to be fair, iv tried to be nice, but you are a freak. And a lier, and wasting everybody's time. The organs below the belt are for reproduction, and removing of bodily waste. There is no reason when I go to buy a soda, or a transmition, I need to pe distracted by your privates dangling about. Or, when I go to the store to by an air conditioning filter, id rather not have to look at your moneymaker, amigo. Im glad that you are proud of it. But when people of Vice City are in a Quik-E-Maert, they should be able to have a simple financial transaction, without seeing your firehose!! Are you with me?


Ither that, or this:



Candy SuXXX: I dont know, I dont think I can swollow it all.


Steve: oh, come on!! He is hung like a sperm whale!! How could you not feel the part?...


Steve: Honey, would you please try to keep the Anaconda in the shot? He costs more than you do!!


Candy SuXXX: but steve...


I think it goes like that. Funny sh*t, tho!! AMF 4ever. -digital ;)

user posted image
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VCPR  "yes, Maurice is an arsehole"


Maurice "Hello nd welcum bak"

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For me its gotta be Maurice Chaves' put down on VCPR: "You aren't a big shot, you aren't even a little shot, you're an azzh0le." Gets me every time, got to be the ultimate put down in the game, even beats Tommy's wisecracks

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VCPR: "I get slandered by a guy with dandruff, I get yelled by a guy who works on volunteer radio..."


"Hey, this is not volunteer radio..."


"And this chick over here is dosed up to her eyes in anti-depressants..."


"Boy, these pills are strong today.  Maybe I took too many, oh well, hahahahahahahaha!!!"

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VCPR- "Jan has foned in from Starfish Island and has pledged us $10 dollars!"

$10 dollars was alot back then seeing how tommys first mission reward was $100 dollars. Now on to the hilarity...


The best is when Mitch Baker calls in and says Lazlow is playing wussy music.

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"Oww my nose! That cost a lot of money! I'll sue you into jail @$$hole!"


"I even have an orange tattoed all over my groin."


(the exploder commercial) "I'm a man of peace!, I'm done killing!"


"Tim, I know you come! Just like old days, we kill everybody!"


Tim! Don't leave me! You taught me baseball Tim! And how to laugh!"


"Noooo!, I'll cry when I'm done killing."


"This knife killed 20,000 people in Cambodia and now you can too!"




"Evil doer! DIE DEVIL DIE! *gunshot*" "Ahhhh!"  


"Mos mio! You shot him! The' the' the' theres blood and pubic hair all over the studio!"


**these 2 arent from the radio, but said by the cubans**


"You da mang mang!" - Pepe in the boat mission.


"You drive like a crazy b*tch!" - LOL the cuban dude.



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