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Where is 'grey hell'?


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If you mean when the game glitches up and you enter a messed up version of the game, there are two ways I know of:


1. Go to the hospital nearest to the Stadium, go around back, there are a couple of vents and a door... walk through the wall, anything that doesn't load is grey.


2. (More well-known version of grey hell): Ride a Sanchez up to your mansion and jump off right before you enter, the sanchez will fly in and you will go in as well. Hop on the sanchez and go over to the leisure room on the right.

Try to drive between the wall and the divider, next to the tv. slowly you'll go through the wall, it might take a few tries. You'll then fall down into "grey hell", which is essentialy just the lower level of the mansion, except on the outside. Its hard to get around, but its kinda cool. (To get back, work your way towards the tunnel/hallway underneath the mansion, it'll reload properly from there.)


Its nothing special, just a glitch.

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If you want the expansive and easy to navigate grey hell, ge any helicopter, prefferably a sea sparrow (After 80 hidden packages you get it at the back of your mansion.) in the heli, go into the open swimming pool theat is in your house, in the back. now, go up, and manevuer around until you get out of that part of the house.


NOTE:The reason you should use a sea sparrow is that you might want to get out after a while, so all you have to do is go to the surface of the ocean, and you'll float back up to normal.

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Mr. Whoopee Sniper

Another way to come in the grey hell (pretty easy):


- Get a Sparrow or a Sea Sparrow

- Go to the back of your/Diaz's mansion. (Where the Sea Sparrow spawns.

- Fly carefully into the pool 'inside' the mansion.

- Ascend a bit. You'll fly trough the roof of the pool.

- Fly forward. Watch out because there are invisible walls.

- As soon as you can, descend.

- You can fly in grey hell now. Don't go to low, because you'll get back to the ground.

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