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Ped Config Flags


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This thread is for all known ped config flags. If you find any, put them in here and we can make a big list for everyone to use.


You can set the config flags by applying the value and the bool to a ped.


SET_PED_CONFIG_FLAG, ped, flag, bool
You can also reset the config flag. The bool is always true if you want to reset it, no point in using false.


SET_PED_RESET_FLAG, ped, flag, true
Lastly, you can check if a ped is doing a config flag. The bool is always set to true.


GET_PED_CONFIG_FLAG, ped, flag, true
List of known ped config flags:


32 - Cannot fly out of vehicle (seat belt)52 - No collision71 - Dead?78 - Returns if ped is aiming/shooting gun166 - Pedestrian injured limp187 - Makes pedestrian injured (holding stomach) while in combat with pistol
Example of 187 flag when set to true






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I didn't see this thread for some reason.

"The bool is always true if you want to reset it, no point in using false."

That means that all peds config flags needs to be looped?

Anyway, I posted this in the wrong place a while back:

When flagId is set to 62 and the boolvalue to false this happens: Ped is taken out of vehicle and can't get back in when jacking their empty vehicle. If in a plane it falls from the sky and crashes. Sometimes peds vehicle continue to drive the route without its driver who's running after.

I also found ped walking with bent legs
(maybe this is some form of injury?) and smaller scaled ped in size.

Both when boolvalue is true. Haven't gone down to exact flagId for these two. I saw that menyoo is now using the smaller scaled peds flag.

I see now that the native db has been updated. Smaller scaled peds is apparently PED_FLAG_SHRINK = 223

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So... I think a lot of people are going to love this.


PED::SET_PED_CONFIG_FLAG(ped, 281, 1);


No more writhe mode!

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Nice but what's writhe mode?

Its that dumb state peds go into where they lay on the ground, whining about their injuries and ultimately die even though they have tons of health left.



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So I found 292, which is freeze the ped when set to true. Unfreeze when false. It freezes the playerPed in it's current movement. Freezing while skydiving from mount chiliad is quite funny when the player is sliding down the mountain. I recorded it with Rockstar Editor but it crashed the game when I tried to edit the video. Haven't tried to record with something better yet.


Works best with the player. With peds it's a different story, they don't seem to spawn and when already spawned they fall through the ground when being hit with a car.

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Is there now a pastebin with all of these in now? If not; can someone make one, or send me flags they know, and I will create it.

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Is there a flag to make a ped be treated like a player character? I mean when playing as a non-story model to be able to use shops etc.

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Anyone found a way of completely negating fall animation / scream ETC?


If I gently walk off a ledge with these flags and CanRagdoll to false, my character will land and control as if nothing happened.


76 = FALSE

60, 61, 104, 276 = TRUE

But if I jump or climb over a rooftop ledge it will stumble early midair... not sure why this is happening.

According to the DB 60,61,104 are the flags that are set to true when jumping or falling.


I guess what I really should look for are the flags R* made for the superjump..

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