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Is the Las Venturas main city of the San Andreas state?


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I try to realize and I guess it is.Why?


1.We start game in Los Santos,first city,and just like in real life we finding our way from the bottom to the top.It doesn't matter for last missions of the game are again in Los Santos because CJ is already rich at that spot.He has alot of money,houses,businessand other stuff.


2.East Los Santos is the place of gangs and ghetto life.Grove Street,Ballas,Vagos,Aztecs.Place of so much murders and hard life.West Los Santos,especially Vinewood are much much better,you can see normal people,expensive stuff.Los Santos only have one bar,one night club,one strip club in danger hood.That's all for entertainment.Red county is cool but nothing special for me.


3.Second city,San Fierro is a bussiness city.No big gangs and much safer for life.Also there we meet some cool guys like Zero,Woozie,T-Bone,Jizzy.City is very cool,big buildings,tram,biggest mountain near the city.Also Flint County is very beautifull cause there is only one small place,Angel Pine.Other is just a beautifull nature and hills.


4.Las Venturas,place to be.For me it's the best city in the game.Why?


-the most expensive city,everything is expensive than in first two cities

-luxury cars on the street

-lots a stuff to do: one bar,one night club,two strip clubs,3 casino you can enter,sex shop,big mall where you can find almost all stores at the same place,the strip street is beatutifull.Bone county is also fun.


So which city u prefer? Las Venturas is the top of the fortune in San Andreas,is it main city of the state? I think that CJ doesn't like ghetto life.He likes more expensive stuff and normal life.In mission when he pick up Sweet from the prison he said him about his adventure in San Fierro and Las Venturas and he tell him that better life exist.But Sweet is a local patriot and he can't understand what CJ talking about.

That's my opinion.CJ is born for adventure and fortune,not for ghetto life.

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So which city u prefer?

Los Santos.


I love the atmosphere which LS have, also is the most detailed one than the other cities in-game.

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The capital is not always the biggest, most expensive and luxurious city.

– Ottawa

– Washington DC

– Brasilia

– Canberra

– Islamabad

– Dodoma

– Ankara

The above cities are some examples of capitals that are not the biggest city in their country.


But anyway, I'm not sure LV has a bigger population than LS. I actually suspect LS to have the biggest population. LV has more business and wealth, but it doesn't mean it has to be the capital.


We all know which real cities Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas represents. If any one of those should become the new capital in the USA, which one would be more likely? Not Las Vegas I'm sure.



I can't give a definite answer, but what I'm saying is that the wealth and size of Las Venturas doesn't mean it must be the capital. And it may perhaps not even be the biggest city.

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San fierro. I like the way the city looks and especially how many hills there are.

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I believe this is a political question, not a question about city architecture and topography.


Los Santos - Nice city,nice beaches,cool streets at Vinewood and Richman,but east side of town is very dangerous,nice weather mostly of time


San Fierro - nice buildings,maybe too small city and too much hill roads,bad weather mostly of time


Las Venturas - great for entertainment,no hills,just a desert but city lights at night are awesome,and love casino too,great weather,never rains


Maybe Rockstar knows which city is capital

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slimeball supreme

Los Santos is capital. It's the biggest city, the center of entertainment and economy in San Andreas, and the second most well known city in the US after Liberty/New York, if we're basing this on real life.

Edited by Mr. Fahrenheit

Sge6QaD.png yURtluV.png

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The only city with "Capital" quality domed building is San Fierro on the North Western side, complete with a paved quad.

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