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GTA Vice City Chain Game Lounge


Recommended Posts

Chain Game Announcement

Chain Game Ban Notice
I'm disappointed to report that there has been a persistent issue with the use of cheats and modifications across the last two rounds of the GTA Vice City that have resulted in save file damage and required progress to be reset in order for the game to continue to be able to achieve 100% Completion.

All players should know and respect the Chain Game Rules which state clearly that the use of Cheats and Modifications, besides the few Modification Exceptions listed, are not allowed for use in your Chain Game turns and should not be present in the directory at all:

No Cheats or Modifications: You are not allowed to use any Cheats, Trainers, Modifications or CLEO Scripts during the completion of your Chain Game Turn. It is strongly recommended that you only participate in the Chain Game on a completely unmodified installation of Grand Theft Auto Vice City, even if you have disabled Modifications or CLEO Scripts from running during your turn.

We do not expect the players of the Chain Game to have to resort to the use of Cheats in order to complete Missions or Side Missions, and do not expect players to use Cheats as part of having fun during their turn. Some Cheats and Modifications have been known to have a long lasting affect on Save Files and we do wish to spoil the fun of the Chain Game for the players by having Save Files that are not working as they are intended to.

Any turn that is found to be using Cheats or Modifications will be declared invalid and any player found repeatedly breaking this rule face further disciplinary action.

CoolMods was asked several times by the Chain Game Staff team to remove any modifications that were present in his game directory following his Invalid Turn in Round 33 and has failed to do so, damaging the Starter Save Round 8 Save File. I'm afraid to say that due to the issues being caused in the Chain Game by his directory, we're left with no choice but to issue a Chain Game Ban. From this point forward, CoolMods is banned from participating in the GTA Vice City Chain Game until further notice. During the period of a Chain Game Ban, any turn that CoolMods may call will be deemed automatically invalid by the Chain Game Staff.

It's extremely disappointing to have to make this decision, and it is not a decision that has been made lightly. I request that all players of the Chain Game familiarise themselves with the Chain Game Rules if they haven't already to ensure that no further disruption is caused.
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19 hours ago, SorveteQuente said:

When is the next round going to happen?

We're currently working on some corrections and general improvements to the Chain Game Opening Posts and have no current plans on when a next round of the game will launch. You can read more about our current plans in the Chain Game Announcement posted in the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game Lounge.


We'll be back with new rounds as soon as we can, so keep an eye on the GTA Vice City Forum so you don't miss when we start the next one! :)

Edited by GTAKid667
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  • 2 months later...
1 hour ago, IndogamersPro said:

This seems to be my turn again

The Four Hour Wait Rule does not work like this, the time period is counted from the completion (edit time) of a turn, not the time you took the turn. It would seem that only 3 hours passed at the time of taking your last two Chain Game Turns.


Just to clear up the confusion - You can only take a turn if either 2 turns from other players have been taken after your previous turn, or if a 4 hour period passes between any 2 consecutive Chain Game Turns after your previous turn, counting from the edit time (the completion of) the first turn. I'll update the Opening Posts to make this clearer.


Please also note the original edit time of your turn if you have to edit again at a later time - It would seem that only 20 minutes passed between your last two turns, but the save upload time would suggest that you actually edited your post 3 hours earlier. All you need to do when editing a second time is to add "Original Edit Time" to your post and then the time and timezone of when you originally posted the save (which can be viewed if you hover over the line that says "Edted by IndogamersPro" at the bottom of your turn.


In this particular case I will allow the "Friendly Rivalry" turn that you called after only three hours as a one time exception as a new player, but your latest "No Escape?" turn will not be counted.


And now for no particular reason, here's a Baggage Handler, because the VC Chain Game Lounge doesn't seem very used recently 😧



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  • 9 months later...
2 hours ago, Ballas King said:

Forfeited, the save doesn't work with my edition, carry on.

Which version of the game are you running?


At the beginning of the Opening Posts under the "Quick Start Guide" there is a link to the "Save File Differences" post at the beginning of this thread: https://gtaforums.com/topic/827440-gta-vice-city-chain-game-lounge/?do=findComment&comment=1068120001


If you're running a retail version of the game, all you need to do in order to get the save working on your game is use GTASnP.com's modifications to convert the save file from a Steam Version save to a Retail Version save.


If you own the Mac Version of the game, or a version which uses a different script file, you'll need to use a different main.scm file from either the Retail or Steam Version of the game.


If you're still looking to participate in the GTA Vice City Chain Game, try these suggestions out, and let us know if you're still having issues getting the save to work :^:

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  • 1 year later...
Chain Game Announcement!
Now in Announcement Orange!

Believe it or not, it has been several years since there was last an announcement here in the GTA Vice City Chain Game Lounge! Times flies, and how better to celebrate this return than by bringing the traditional "Announcement Orange" over from the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game! It might take some getting used to, and you probably don't want to view this post using the new ScotForums theme (have you checked out the new GTAForums themes yet?!), but a little orange paint is how you know we're getting serious. Those of you who have been around a while will also notice the return of the name sign off for the first time since December 2015!

As we make our way through the year I hope all of you are keeping well. I've been hearing about some exciting things going on for a few of you and I also know there are several players away concentrating on exams, and want to wish you all the best!

We've had a good start to the year in the Chain Game and I'm looking forward to keeping the rounds coming, hoping you'll continue to enjoy them. I have a good feeling about 2021, and there's plenty being worked on behind the scenes that will make it's way to the community in the remaining months of the year.

If you've read the latest Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game Announcement, there's not going to be much new for you in this announcement, but thank you so much for your continued support of the Chain Game!

Updates to the Opening Posts
We're introducing a new version of the Chain Game Design in Round 56 that focuses on simplicity. Since the launch of the GTA Vice City Chain Game, the opening posts have continued to grow as we've felt it necessary to add in new sections about different aspects of the game that weren't well covered previously, but that came at the cost of making already long opening posts even longer. We want to create a set of posts that are elegant while being clear to read for all players old and new, and also want to write our posts in a way that may attract new players to the game. There's no better of a turn off than a huge wall of text.

Rather than a complete rewrite of the opening posts, the new version instead focuses on taking what is there currently and making the sections more concise, as well as removing sections that are no longer relevant or aren't necessary within the scope of the Chain Game. Due to recent forum changes, this has also given me the opportunity to write the posts in HTML for the first time and eagle eyed players may have noticed "Version 2.2H" debut during the previous round which was the first to be written this way.

All sections of the posts were simplified, and you can read a basic change log of what has changed here, though note it says not much more than "Simplified Section" for the most part as the changes were simply too drastic to note individually. Some of the more notable changes include removing the "Opening Information" about the Starter Save and the Chain Game Design Version as it has no use to the player, removing generic game help such as noting how many Hidden Packages exist when this information can be found in the 100% Checklist and the linked guides, and a complete overhaul of the "Regulated Side Missions" section which at best was the same block of text repeated many times over with mission titles switched out.

This is all in an effort to create a cleaner, more readable and easy to follow set of opening posts that contains all of the same relevant information and rules, just in far less words. The posts have seen a reduction of over 40% in total compared to Round 55, and will continue to be tweaked more frequently going forward as opposed to waiting for larger updates. It's unlikely we'll announce any of those updates, but we'd love to hear your thoughts on any improvements you'd like to see to the opening posts once you've seen these shorter ones.

Updates to "No Failure" Rule
In December 2019, several members of the community were asked to provide feedback on potential changes to the "No Failure" rule. Traditionally the rules have been clear that the failure of any mission in the game is not allowed unless a Special Vehicle has been collected, but it hasn't always been clear on how much of the game the "No Failure" rule intends to cover.

We attempted to address this a few years ago by updating the rules so that no failure of any kind was allowed, but this also meant that side missions which didn't contribute to the "Mission Attempts" statistic were being regulated against even though they had no adverse affect on the statistics.

While we'd prefer that side missions which don't contribute towards the "Mission Attempts" statistic aren't failed, we decided to propose a further update to this rule to allow the failure of these missions as they didn't affect the statistcs and the response we heard was universally in favour of this change. So starting with Round 56, failing missions and side missions that do not contribute to the "Mission Attempts" statistic is now allowed. Note that this change will not affect a large amount of game content, and failing by getting busted or wasted continues to not be allowed, but here's to hopefully losing less progress because the timer ran out!

Thanks to Bunneyko, catmare, Chyea, cryptorelic, DEALUX, Parik, Prayag 97, Sidaredd, SorveteQuente, Th3MaN1 and thehambone for contributing feedback on this issue!

Feedback and List Updating Opportunities
Feedback like the above is vital in making the Chain Game the best it can be for the community, and it's always nice to hear the thoughts of players directly on the way they'd like to see our game progress. We say it often but the community is the reason we do what we do, and we want to make this the best it can possibly be for you. In the near future, I'll be contacting recent players and active community members for feedback on some new ideas regarding the game that will affect the Grand Theft Auto III, GTA Vice City and Grand Theft Auto IV Chain Game. You'll likely be contacted if you've taken a turn recently or participated in our Discord Server, but if you haven't been around in a while and would like to hear about these ideas and give feedback, let me know! If you'd like to support the Chain Game in other ways, there are always opportunities to update the Chain Game Players List and the post containing the Hidden Packages Rewards List and Special Vehicles List. As the Chain Game continues to grow and we work on exciting ideas behind the scenes, it can be hard to find the time to also keep on top of the lists throughout the progress of the round, and some players will have noticed that occasionally these lists fall behind.

We want to keep these lists up to date as often as possible to support players throughout the round and also not build up a backlog of lists we have to go back and finish. If you find yourself with some extra spare time and would like to help update either set of lists for upcoming rounds, let me know. You don't have to be taking turns in the round to update these lists, but we also don't want the lists to fall behind throughout the progress of the round so it's best to ensure you have the time to update them regularly. We really appreciate any help that can be provided by members of the community.

Closing Words
And that's that. If you read this to the end, thank you. These announcements can be quite long and perhaps if we posted them more often we wouldn't have to cover so much at once!

As I mentioned at the start, we've had a good start to the year with varied levels of activity round to round depending on whether players have had the time to participate. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year and there's plenty to look forward to that we're working on. Remember that you can always keep up with the community discussion on Discord, find players on Steam, and get exclusive trivia and sneak peeks on Twitter!

Thank you all so much for your continued support and participation in the Chain Game!

GTAKid667, GTA Vice City Chain Game Chief


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