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GTA Vice City Chain Game Lounge

Recommended Posts


Chain Game Announcement

Chain Game Ban Notice
I'm disappointed to report that there has been a persistent issue with the use of cheats and modifications across the last two rounds of the GTA Vice City that have resulted in save file damage and required progress to be reset in order for the game to continue to be able to achieve 100% Completion.

All players should know and respect the Chain Game Rules which state clearly that the use of Cheats and Modifications, besides the few Modification Exceptions listed, are not allowed for use in your Chain Game turns and should not be present in the directory at all:

No Cheats or Modifications: You are not allowed to use any Cheats, Trainers, Modifications or CLEO Scripts during the completion of your Chain Game Turn. It is strongly recommended that you only participate in the Chain Game on a completely unmodified installation of Grand Theft Auto Vice City, even if you have disabled Modifications or CLEO Scripts from running during your turn.

We do not expect the players of the Chain Game to have to resort to the use of Cheats in order to complete Missions or Side Missions, and do not expect players to use Cheats as part of having fun during their turn. Some Cheats and Modifications have been known to have a long lasting affect on Save Files and we do wish to spoil the fun of the Chain Game for the players by having Save Files that are not working as they are intended to.

Any turn that is found to be using Cheats or Modifications will be declared invalid and any player found repeatedly breaking this rule face further disciplinary action.

CoolMods was asked several times by the Chain Game Staff team to remove any modifications that were present in his game directory following his Invalid Turn in Round 33 and has failed to do so, damaging the Starter Save Round 8 Save File. I'm afraid to say that due to the issues being caused in the Chain Game by his directory, we're left with no choice but to issue a Chain Game Ban. From this point forward, CoolMods is banned from participating in the GTA Vice City Chain Game until further notice. During the period of a Chain Game Ban, any turn that CoolMods may call will be deemed automatically invalid by the Chain Game Staff.

It's extremely disappointing to have to make this decision, and it is not a decision that has been made lightly. I request that all players of the Chain Game familiarise themselves with the Chain Game Rules if they haven't already to ensure that no further disruption is caused.
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When is the next round going to happen?

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19 hours ago, SorveteQuente said:

When is the next round going to happen?

We're currently working on some corrections and general improvements to the Chain Game Opening Posts and have no current plans on when a next round of the game will launch. You can read more about our current plans in the Chain Game Announcement posted in the Grand Theft Auto III Chain Game Lounge.


We'll be back with new rounds as soon as we can, so keep an eye on the GTA Vice City Forum so you don't miss when we start the next one! :)

Edited by GTAKid667
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Haven't seen this being used in a while. 🤔



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1 hour ago, IndogamersPro said:

This seems to be my turn again

The Four Hour Wait Rule does not work like this, the time period is counted from the completion (edit time) of a turn, not the time you took the turn. It would seem that only 3 hours passed at the time of taking your last two Chain Game Turns.


Just to clear up the confusion - You can only take a turn if either 2 turns from other players have been taken after your previous turn, or if a 4 hour period passes between any 2 consecutive Chain Game Turns after your previous turn, counting from the edit time (the completion of) the first turn. I'll update the Opening Posts to make this clearer.


Please also note the original edit time of your turn if you have to edit again at a later time - It would seem that only 20 minutes passed between your last two turns, but the save upload time would suggest that you actually edited your post 3 hours earlier. All you need to do when editing a second time is to add "Original Edit Time" to your post and then the time and timezone of when you originally posted the save (which can be viewed if you hover over the line that says "Edted by IndogamersPro" at the bottom of your turn.


In this particular case I will allow the "Friendly Rivalry" turn that you called after only three hours as a one time exception as a new player, but your latest "No Escape?" turn will not be counted.


And now for no particular reason, here's a Baggage Handler, because the VC Chain Game Lounge doesn't seem very used recently 😧



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2 hours ago, Ballas King said:

Forfeited, the save doesn't work with my edition, carry on.

Which version of the game are you running?


At the beginning of the Opening Posts under the "Quick Start Guide" there is a link to the "Save File Differences" post at the beginning of this thread: https://gtaforums.com/topic/827440-gta-vice-city-chain-game-lounge/?do=findComment&comment=1068120001


If you're running a retail version of the game, all you need to do in order to get the save working on your game is use GTASnP.com's modifications to convert the save file from a Steam Version save to a Retail Version save.


If you own the Mac Version of the game, or a version which uses a different script file, you'll need to use a different main.scm file from either the Retail or Steam Version of the game.


If you're still looking to participate in the GTA Vice City Chain Game, try these suggestions out, and let us know if you're still having issues getting the save to work :^:

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