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pyramid head

Detroit Become Human Quantic Dream's next game for PS4

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Posted (edited)

Just watched a playthrough. Gotta say that this game looks great. Even tho it's a interactive movie, it still feels great, the unusual plot, VAs and amazing graphics. A really great change from battle royale sh1t.

I didn't have the same feelings when i watched TLoU, but Kara's plot route was the most interesting thing to watch. Guess a character mentoring a kid through rough places can interest me, huh.

Edited by Sanches

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Their strange 3rd person controls don’ t really allow you to see directly in front of you, so when you are looking for something, you are not actually looking through your characters eyes at all, you have to look at the peripheral vision to find your way... very annoying. Also without spoiling it, the game may tell you to do something which is against your better judgement and then penalise you for obeying..

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Something that I think is really cool despite being a minor detail is Chloe's comments at the menu.



I freaked out when she said my save was corrupted lol.


I'm most of the way through now. This game feels so realistic how it portrays the near future like something that could happen.

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Double post.


Just finished my first playthrough. Loved every second. A true masterpiece IMO.


Major ending spoilers. Don't click below if you don't want anything spoiled.



It was my intention to try and let Kara, Connor and Markus all live, but I f*cked up in Crossroads and got Alice and Kara killed so I chose the demonstration and done the nobel thing and sacrificed Markus, but everyone from Jericho died.


I've alway loved Quantic Dreams' games, but this one is pure narrative artistry to me. Most other games make me feel like choices are there for the sake of it, but this one made me think of every decision I made like no other.


I'll be playing through again for sure.

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What's the cinamon roll meme going on in this game?

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