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Coding & SCM Mission Requests


Recommended Posts


I originally posted this in the map and mod requests topics, but seeing as how it has more to do with coding, i reposted it here:



Armoured Vehicle Factory


I was wondering if it is possible to convert one of the bomb shops / mod shops into an armoured vehicle factory. So if you drive a vehicle into it, you can choose to buy bullet-proofing, damage proofing and fire-proofing (possibily explosion proofing if there is such a thing blush.gif ) or any combination thereof.


The purchased armour/damage/fire/explosion proofing's condition should be visible on the hud as individual bars. In effect, the armouring acts in the same way as bodyarmour acts on CJ. And through prolonged exposure will eventually run out. But, the fire proofing only acts against fire, the bullet proofing against bullets, the damage proofing only against accidents and the explosion proofing against explosions.


You should also have the option to purchase run-flat tires which are bulletproof.


The layout could be as follows:



Level 1 - $5000 => Limited bullet stopping capablities. Armour is compromised very quickly

Level 2 - $20000 => Capable of stopping automatic fire from smg's. Armour can be compromised through repeated firing

Level 3 - $50000 => Highly bullet resistant. Takes repeated firing from heavy weapondry to compromise.



Level 1 - $2500 => Exposure to 1 fire

Level 2 - $10000 => Exposure to 5 fires

Level 3 - $15000 => Exposure to 10 fires



Level 1 - $5000 => capable of preventing damage during low speed accidents. Medium/High speed accidents compromise armour.

Level 2 -$15000 => capable of preventing damage during moderately fast accidents. High speed accidents compromise armour.

Level 3 - $25000 => capable of preventing damage to vehicle at fairly high speeds. Driving off buildings etc. compromises armour.



Level 1 - $10000 => capable of surviving 1 explosion

Level 2 - $25000 => capable of surviving 3 explosions

Level 3 - $50000 => capable of surviving 5 explosions

(If RPG's fall under explosions, than each explosion represents 1 rpg missile)




Run-Flats (Self-Support) - $2500 => Bullet proof tires. Once punctured, tire health eats away the more you drive. Capable of driving unrestricted for 30s. (Any way to make the tire appear burst while still having no effect on driving for the duration?)


Run-Flats (Auxillary-Supported) - $10000 => Bullet proof tires. Once punctured capable of driving unrestricted for 180s. Tire health eats away the more you drive. (Any way to make the tire appear burst while still having no effect on driving for the duration?)


Run-Flats (Self-Sealing) - $20000 => Bullet proof tires. Must be shot repeatedly (3 times) before the tire bursts.



Hope this is possible sigh.gif and credits to any body who is willing to take this on!

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OKay I found some racing scripts but it erases all the mission scripts, I need someone to help me with the following:


- Adding this script into the regular game

- telling me how to change the checkpoints and car spawns



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user posted image



Hey I was wondering if anyone can mod The gang turf to be like this and to have the grove members carry Mp5 and Micro uzis and have the

turf war playable from the begging

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You probably all know CeedJ and his San An studio, but there is a problem. In the game there is a beta animation of Cops jumping of their bikes onto your car. Could someone help? CeedJ is busy.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

I want to change line 0237 in the scm to change the weapons my gang members recieve after i get all the tags. But everytime I change the line and save it it doesnt work. Even though the numbers read for other weapons i still get desert eagles and smg's. can anyone tell me why that is?

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here is spooky's speedometer sourcecode.  can someone compile it for me?  hope i put this in the correct place.

Actually it's pretty old, but if you just want to have a speedometer in your Game, why not try out CLEO and the speedometer script from here. It's the best one I've seen so far.

user posted image

That is dead sexy.


@RBJoe: SCM changes (usually) require a new game.

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Alien Comppany

I'm creating a mod where Grove's are Bloods and Ballas's are crips, and i need a script.

I need a sript where CJ starts directly from the Grove Street and all the territories are unlocked right from the start.

If it is possible could someone please make one or post a tutorial.


Well if someone can do script that Lil-Vato asks, you can make one what i ask.


Umm... I think i can place the weapons, but I think i can't make the player startpoint and the territories right from the start.

Edited by Alien Comppany
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Mission Name " Things will be different"


Location: St Marks( Restauraunt)

Giver: Roman ( I replaced worker1.ddf/txd with him)

Plot: After Catalina's death, Roman wants you to take down Joey Leone and Tony Cipriani so he "can get some more room"


Tony Cipriani's location is at Cipriani's restaraunte and Joey Leone at Misty's Apartment


Reward $ 25,000


Mission Order: After "The Exchange"


thanks to anyone who will makes this for me

Edited by jjcoolj91
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My friend translated it to CLEO... its great... but it doesnt work.

Please somebody fix the code.. sad.gif



 {$CLEO}:TestObjectwait 3000if and   0AB0:  key_pressed 0x2D // Insert   0AB0:  key_pressed 0x55 // Uthen   04C4: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 10.0 3.0   Model.Load(1792)   [email protected] = Object.Create(1792, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected])   Model.Destroy(1792)   08E9: set_object [email protected] liftable 1end0A93: end_custom_thread



i need to respawn in front of me a tv..

not one.. but how much i want..

and i want to have the ability to take them in cj's hands.


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  • 3 weeks later...

can i make a request to? betwen me and coding are 1000 miles and .... can you make me pls pls this tow codes





into a ( one or one for each) fully working .sc format file, or directly into scm file

Edited by @lex_turcin
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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi, im looking for a mod to make avaiable drug dealing as a CJ job.

I dont want a total conversion of the game, just the normal game plus that smile.gif


Thanks in advance.

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One question... I had always wondered about this ,but what directly controls the spawning? Main Scm, or ped dats or is it the stream<-(Im convinced it does not.)?


I want to attempt to add more ped's while disabling the spawned traffic.

Also, Do you think its possible to have a set number of pedestrian's spawned each day? then after the day is over, it re-reaches the max?


Im thinking about creating a zombie style ped setup. Where it spawns a max pedestrian number each day. It would spawn gradually of course. but after night starts it go back up to the max.

So lets say you kill 200 peds (just an example ) . The Scm could disable pedestrian spawning until a certain time... Like 18:00 , then starts spawning again until it reaches 200 again then stops, the cycle continues. The only thing I hate is the whole point that when you drive a certain distance away from a group of peds, they just vanish, so maybe instead of having a spawn max, maybe have a ped's killed max number.


I am no good at scripting, I model, because I know that when I replace a model... Theres very little I could F*** up bored.gif


any who's if anyone has a solution to this, post it or mail me.


- Thank you

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hey all....i am a new member here and this is my first time posting on a forum EVER- so please go easy on me (especially admins) if i violated any posting rules. i've seen people get ripped on quite bad just for posting in the wrong section. anyways, does any one know of or is working on a mod that allows 2 players to play single player missions (whether it be the same cpu or LAN)??


i know about the jar jar co-op restoring mod (did he ever actually release the mod with all those features he promised, or was that a farce?? I know he's "busted".) and the BOUNCE multiplayer, but those are dead projects left in their beta stage. I haven't played BOUNCE- does each cpu need a copy of GTA SA to play? and if so, is it worth buying another copy of SA?? does it have missions in it?? i downloaded it and the readme tells you jack squat. i googled and searched a lot of forums for a decent co-op mode to no avail. i wish the authors never gave up on their projects (or so it seems), because i know there are a lot of us who would have loved those mods. i'd bet money a co-op mod with missions would be the number one mod download at any site. biggrin.gif



I tried to get Bounce multiplayer to work but it crashed before it started. I have ver 2 with downgrade patch. Maybe that's the problem... still looking for a response on a good 2player mission mod, though.

Edited by Killa Ker
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GTAForums will no longer be allowing "request" topics in the editing/modding discussion boards. The pinned ones are pointless, as little to no requests actually get filled. Individual topics are also affected as they are also ignored, and clutter up the forum. They will be binned on sight (this also applies to "paid" requests).


The recommended course of action is to visit our tutorials section, and learn the desired skills or trade necessary to see the successful completion of your mod idea. This will increase the number of talented "modders" and expand our modding community, while cutting back on those who contribute next to nothing.


Current and future individual topics will be dealt with as we come across them.


GTAForums Modding Staff

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