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Coding & SCM Mission Requests


Recommended Posts


Can anyone make a mod that includes flying that UFO at the Movie studio? I think that would be really nice, me being an alien and all alien.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thats the story:

Tommy must clean up the terrain in washingten beach, on the upper yard with 3 high houses to get the weapons which I create

at 119.443, -558.265, 13.753. He must kill three marked actors,two on the roof and one in a hiding-place at 84.250, -554.140, 14.005

In addition there are a lot of other actors on the terrain and actors in cars and in tank.The last marked actor must can flee and set up

minefields on same places when Tommy can´t kill him before

Is thats stuff ? I hope you get a brainflash. postet from ZAZ rheinland.



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  • 4 weeks later...

damn u guys are good...i was just wondering if i wanted to get a mission script done...what would i need to tell u guys and and how long will it take.... i need it for my new mod...dun worry i'll give u guys credits.. biggrin.gif

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi, I want to make a mod where at first, the screen fades in from black and the camera is following a black stretch. You are CJ and Tommy Vercetti is in the stretch to pick you up from the airport. He drives you to his mansion on Starfish Island, and tells you to come by sometimes to do a job for him. Then the cutscene is over and you need to drive to Sunshine Auto's which is now CJ's Tuned Cars (Tommy has arranged this for you) then you have passed the first 'mission'. Then you can save at your Car Garage and do jobs for Tommy. How do I make this cutscene, I'm really don't know how to code missions and cutscenes. I've read the pickups coding tutorial in the tutorials forum. Help me please

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Termination Terminator

What about this...


You get into this fast car, and it automatically triggers a mission. The mission is that you get 4 police stars and you have to try not to get busted/wasted. If you do, the mission is over. The longer you have 4 stars and don't get busted/wasted, you gain more money. If you do get busted/wasted, you lose money.


And I suggest the "fast car" should be the Infernus. Thanks!

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  • 4 weeks later...

mission request:




Tommy is sitting at his desk in his private "Montana" room. Ken is on the phone with Colonel Cortez about French activity in Vice City growing. Cortez tells Ken to put Tommy on the phone, but a helicopter appears outside the window. A French SWAT officer fires an M60 at your office, killing Rosenburg and destroying most of the office. Tommy crawls to the door but sees French SWAT officers storming the mansion. He goes to his gun cabinet and grabs his loyal M16.




You basically kill every French SWAT officer in your mansion.




Tommy is on the balcony above his pool. A French SWAT officer armed with a shotgun comes up behind him. More SWAT officers storm the area below Tommy. Tommy gets shot up a few times and drops his gun. The French SWAT officer with the shotgun shoots Tommy in the back. Tommy falls over the edge of the balcony and lands in the pool, which turns blood red.






i'd like the cutscenes to actually be made with cutscene models and everything. basically make it look like a regular mission intro and outro.



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Is it possible to create magnet feet? Like when tomny jumps on a car he will stick to the car, no matter what happens. The only way off is if you jump.
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Not easilly, you can do it with objects with 035c and 050e, but to do it with a player, you would need to continuoulsy check the cars position and put the player above it, and check that jump hasn't been pressed:


code (untested)



004F: create_thread ££labelmagfet01




:labelmagfet0103A4: name_thread "magfet":labelmagfet020001: wait 50 ms00D6: if 00256: player $player_char defined004D: jump_if_false ££labelmagfet02;; See if there is a car below the player - there may be an easier way.04C4: create_coordinate $carsx1 $carsy1 [email protected] from_actor $player_actor offset  3.0  5.0  0.004C4: create_coordinate $carsx2 $carsy2 [email protected] from_actor $player_actor offset  -3.0  -5.0  0.0053E: $carstiky = get_random_car_with_actors -1 in_area $carsx1 $carsy1 $carsx2 $carsy2;; Is the car there?00D6: if 08038: NOT $carstiky ==  -1;; integer values004D: jump_if_false ££labelmagfet02;; Get the position of the car and player04C4: create_coordinate $carsx1 $carsy1 $carsz1 from_actor $player_actor offset  0.0  0.0  0.00407: create_coordinate $carsx2 $carsy2 $carsz2 from_car $carstiky offset  0.0  0.0  0.0;; Find the height of the car (so it will work with all vehicles)0086: $carsdif = $carsz1;; floating-point values only0061: $carsdif -= $carsz2;; floating-point values;; Keep the player stuck:labelmagfet030001: wait 50 ms;; Theres a wait there00D6: if 00256: player $player_char defined004D: jump_if_false ££labelmagfet020407: create_coordinate $carsx1 $carsy1 $carsz1 from_car $carstiky offset  0.0  0.0  $carsdiff0055: put_player $PLAYER_CHAR at  $carsx1 $carsy1 $carsz1;; Note the re-use of variables00D6: if 000E1:  key_pressed  0  14004D: jump_if_false ££labelmagfet03;; If you press jump, dump the player behind the car0407: create_coordinate $carsx1 $carsy1 $carsz1 from_car $carstiky offset  0.0  -7.0  0.00055: put_player $PLAYER_CHAR at  $carsx1 $carsy1 $carsz10002: jump ££labelmagfet02



I need to do this more often, its been ages since I actually did any work like that for fun.

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what if u had a race track and drag strip and race on them like in the hotring race and use the marker that fixes your car in a pit stop or somthing.

just a thought.

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

Citizens helps the cops

Ok, here what I want to do. I want to make so that when Cops chases me, I want all car to chase me aswell. It's that possible?


I want to make random cars stalk me. Like, a random car follows me where every I go.


I plan to remake Vice Raceway. Instead of asking some to create a race for me. I want know if how to move a race in vice city to my course. I want to do a bike race. Where you can only race if you have an Angel, Freeway, Faggio, or PCJ600.

Stripped Mission

Can some make a MAIN.SCM with everthing stripped but the races, and other needed things.

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I know this is early for this request mod, but it would be cool to have this mod when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. could someone modify the mission "Saint Mark's Bistro". make to where instead of flying into a cutscene of the taxi driving you up to the Saint Mark's Bistro, could you make it to where you would have to land in Francis International airport from Las Ventures and drive up to the Saint Mark's Bistro on your own and then when you kill the forellis you automatically apear in the SHAMAL on the Francis International Airport runway taking off back to Las Ventures Airport. That would be radd. THANK YOU FOR READING THIS

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been playing GTA Advance, and found, that looking through the location maps for the hidden packages, that essentially the map is identical to that in GTA:3/GTA:LC, so my idea is to convert the missions from GTA Advance to either 3 or LC (pref LC). Obviously being from a ROM potentially makes this more challenging that converting the GTA3 main.scm as the mission script essentially would be a scratch mod, but given the substantial game engine differences, also allows for a lot of creativity. I guess this is probably more straight forward than Delphi's proposed conversion of the GTA1 cities, but I'm guessing may prove to have significantly less appeal? Unfortunately my coding skills aren't exactly up to scratch, and right now I don't have much time to dedicate to learning, but I can do object placement etc and document what missions entail, as a sort of english version of what goes on in each... any takers?

Edited by bloodyskies
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  • 3 weeks later...


originly i posted this as my own topic (mainly so i could track it) i`m sorry about that i did not realise that thier was a thread for requesting please delete my topic


this seems to be more for missions but here is where i was sent so i assume this is the right thread






before my hd crash i had sanga + hot coffee but thats gone now what i would like for my own use (i will not release it without all authors consent(and have no intention of relesing it either)) is ;


all the features of sanga ie all the game features unlocked terriatrys (i cant spell and am in a rush) vehcles including the bonuses vehcles you get at the air field etvc (basicly anything sanga adds to the game


the sex mini games (not bothered if thier nude or not just want it as the developers wanted it originly)


http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=196885 <this code in there too plz




stuff thats not in the mentioned mods or any where for that matter


in one mission you get a helicopter with a magnet on a rope i`d love to be able to use that again just for shear fun smile.gif


all the schools modiefied so that pass percentage for gold is 0% needed instead of 100 (the driving school i cant do my keyboard wont let me do donuts !!!!!) plus in the ps2 it took me a couple of weeks to pass flying school (it was almost cause for me to sell the game!! and thataint no joke)



i know i`m asking a lot but i have tried to do this myself all mourning and have had nothing but errors , missing labels , not enough memory , and a rather amusing unkown line guesswork failed error


please take pity on a guy who cant script and email me it (its the only way i can think of to stop it being leaked) [email protected] (if anyone needs gmail i think i have invites left)



thank you in advance

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well i had this idea in my mind that poped up when i was playing gta:sa on my pc i was roming around los santos and noticed that you can play basketball and pool after a while i advanced in the game and riched san fierro while there i saw two baseball fields (i dont know how to call it) ,four (i think) tennis courts and a football stadium (but closed) so i want to request help on doing a sports mod that will enable you to play baseball tennis football and even other sports (if i will find them or somebody tell me about them) so if any one would like to help e-mail me at [email protected] please help me thanks in advanced by the way what i need are: mappers that will help me doing the foot ball stadium or anything else ,coders that will help me make the code of the interactive games im a modeler and ill need animators thanks for bothering reading this and please help me

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  • 3 weeks later...

hey i know u don't want me to ask this but i'm the owner of a new 50 cent mod for SA that will create an entirely new shop + entirely new clothes , haircuts and tattoos now i been asked by ppl if it will be possible making a new mission campaign i mean making some missions that will be based on 50 cent's character

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Revenge Drivers!



Ok, I've notice that sometimes when you tag, or hit another driver, they'll chase you. I want this feature to be alittle different. I want to work in this fashion:


* When you hit him/her, the word "REVENGE" pops-up.

* About five seconds later, you see the words "Distance", and "Health" popup.

* A dot in the radar will appear.

* The guy or girl you hit when come at you with the fastest car in the game. (Turismo, i think)


After which, they chase you all over san andreas. If you leave them in the dust. They'll appear a few feet infront of you.




By the way, if you get in a boat they'll come after you in a police boat shooting at you, and in the sky, a Hydra.

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1. More sub-missions for vehicles (tow-truck, news van, etc.. be creative).


2. Random continual missions with various main characters (just for kicks.. like the mission where the gang wants to go get fast food, simple missions similar to this that will pick random spots on the map as the destination).


3. More save-points and more gangs and more peds in interiors!


4. Split Screen multiplayer if possible.. Not sure if the online multiplayer (if present) can be modified to function as split screen.. If so, it would be the single greatest GTA mod ever created.


5. Drug dealing missions.. not with the ice cream truck either... Maybe it could be an option when you talk to your gang members or getting in a certain car?


6. Cop training and better 'vigilante' mode.. where the cops help you, you can recruit cops as 'gang members', and you can meet up with FBI/Swat/Military officers as well.


7. Pick up main characters (Sweet, Cesar, Woozie) at their houses and they will assist you as 'gang members' that can't be killed... and if they do die, maybe that just means the mission is over and you score will be tallied at that moment.. then you just have to pick them up again. I'd love to see something like this, that just recycles previous dialogue in the game for the gang battles.

7. Tennis and Golf... Maybe the current game animations could be recycled for these?


8. More gang territories all over the state.. chinese gangs in san fierro, italian mafia in las venturas, rednecks in the desert and fundamentalists in the farmlands.


9. An alternate ending! What if you join Big Smoke instead of Sweet. You then have to take out all of your allies through the game.. toreno, truth, woozy, cesar, etc. Remember the final scene when you confront Smoke? I'd go a step further and ask for an alternate ending when you kill Ryder... A play on the Toreno mission where you 'assume' you killed him.

Edited by wijiwang
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(Vice City)

I don't know anything about modelling or coding, but I have an idea..


It would be cool if there was a mission where you have to play security in the malibu. Just watching the people and whenever someone intends to fight, just kill him and get lots of money.

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Only when you've already owned the Malibu, Pole Postion and the Ice cream factory.


1st mission:

You go to the Malibu and first, you've got to find a drugs dealer in the crowd.

He'll notice you and run away, so you follow him and kill him.


2nd mission:

You go to the ice cream factory and get into the mr Whoopie. You bring it to the Pole Position Club and park it in a pink marker. Then the fbi will arive (4 stars) so the mission is over when you've got no stars left tounge.gif


After that the pole position club will generate 1000$ extra colgate.gif

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Make A mission Assasin u hunt down a group of guys ( make the guys hard like a alley with snipers & body armour , shotguns , mirco smgs )




and u get $5,000 to $ 11,000 depending on how Big the group is and diffaculty


and make it like u have to walk into the red circle style to start the mission ( theese mission should be repeatable like asset ones )





EDIT: This is a Idea for GTA SA

Edited by zbuffer
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I wouldn't mind seeing a 'Collateral' taxi mission. I'm sure a ped could be made to look like Tom Cruise with gray hair. Have him make you go around the city killing people. Your windshield gets broken in one mission and the next cops pull you over for it.




I want to see a Fatal Frame Mod!! CJ has a camera. How about some ghosts to take pictures of. I would prefer to see a crude Fatal Frame HUD.


This would be more than possible since peds can be transparent. I made a 'Predator' cloaking dff for Claude in GTA3. Something similar should be possible to do with a few peds.. I like the idea.


Thought of it when I heard that 'Grove 4 Life' graffiti shows up at the Los Santos Cemetary overnight.

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  • 3 weeks later...

i want that someone make this mision for SAN ANDREAS


Mission name: The Revenge

From: Yoursefelf


Cut-Scene (if some one can do it): You got a call from one of Salvatore's Man Saying that salvatore's Men are coming to kill you...

Descrption: you need to use your HYDRA and then you must destroy 8 ANDROMADAS that are going to SAN ANDREAS (before they they land on the airport) from LIBERTY CITY... because inside them are Leone Salvatore's Men to kill you, unfortunately they have 8 Hydras escorting them, and you must destroy them first.. after you destroy the 8 Hydras and the 8 Andromadas you got all the stars and you must go to land the Hydra your abandoned base...


(Phone Ringing)

CJ: Hellow?

One of Salvatore's Men: Hey Carl... the boss said that we must kill you hehehe and i will do that... and you know what?... you cant stop us...


One of Salvatore's Men: We are coming in 8 airplanes... we are going to land in Las Venturas airport in a few minutes hahaha and other thing... we are 150 men you cant stop 150 men, man, you are dead...

CJ: NAAHH¡¡¡ i can stop all your gang in the hair... i have a Figther jet... asshole...

One of Salvatore's Men: what the¡¡¡... people... prepare the jets hurry...

(End of the call)


*When you get near the Andromadas and the 8 Hydras appear*

CJ: ohh¡¡ sh*t


Note: i called the mission "The Revenge" because you can remember that salvatore said that you are dead because he now wants to kill you... because you steal his money (the money in the Caligula's casino)...


I think this mission is perfect to complete San Andreas Storyline. I hope you People like it...






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Idea for a mission:

Like the g-spotlight mission in VC you go along the roofs on a bike but without all the stoping and starting(more high-speed) while being chased by a police helicopter/bikes with a passenger. Then after a while you and the pasenger change places and you do the shooting.

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a riot between fans

make ppl come from out of a stadium like they been to watch a football game, and then the fans meet, and start a big ass fight LOL

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Here's a few ideas for San Andreas i had a while ago:


"New Model Army" as a betting game, similar to lowrider dancing or pool. the more money you bet, the more difficult it is, and stuff like that.


If you've ever played Mercenaries, you'll know what my next request is if i simply say "merchant of menace".

Basically it's a fancy vehicle/weapon spawner that costs money. Using a phone or something you bring up a menu of all available vehicles/guns and their prices, when you choose one you switch to a smoke grenade. where this greade goes off, a helicopter (leviathan?) with a magnet carries over the vehicle (or weapon inside a smashable crate) and drops it, then flies off. If you order a helicopter, the heli will just land and the pilot will wander off. You could also call in health or armour this way. (In Mercenaries, you could also get powerful airstrikes that could blow things up better than any weapon you could carry, but i dont think this would translate well to GTA).


Some car races changed so you can bring your own car.


More missions involving the Bandito, awesomest of all cars.


An extra mission at the Los Santos arena, Eight Track again, but with Go-Karts.


More races with go-karts.

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