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Coding & SCM Mission Requests


Recommended Posts


11: chose your fighter-player-wat you want

12: buy more weapons place's and bust of tools shop's

13: fly to a new town (my first post) fist post

14: new gangs and undercover police

15: pipe's under the city we you can walk in with a boat dozingoff.gif

16: more weapons! lets get them all!




i know thit not only main chance but like a new game! but wat the hell! wo know it?? please is it a good idea??

Edited by Gentlemen
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Didn't really understand most of that, but it sounds like you are suggesting a major mod, alot of that is mapping anyway.

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yes i know, but it sound lol! tounge.gif and not al a mapping!


oke you right! sorry for bad english this the new (Main) plan!!


1:call taxi

2:Garage---pay to stay

3:new gangs and undercover police (just the path's-i dont know it main or mapping becaus anyone much make the gangs en the cop's)


5: thunderdom mod in the stadium

6: more bike's parking place

this my plan with out mapping! thx dude! i realy need to lean the code's en make my on main!





meaby stuff for you gta vice state?? tounge2.gif

Edited by Gentlemen
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i am asuming that u mean a shop where u can get bombs fitted to your car?

if so, there is already one in vice city, located at the docks

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He means another one, that was a bit I did understand from the original code.


The best way to learn how to do stuff is to read topics already on here, including the tutorial topic, then search through the existing code for something that does what you want, and copy and change it, thats all I did, I don't think I have asked many questions here.


1. not sure what you mean.


2. probably quite hard, find the codew for an existing garage, and try to add a bit so that as long as there is a car in it, you loose money, not sure how you would check for a car though.


3. Not sure.


4. Again, copy and edit the code.


5. Not sure.


6. easy, just do a search for the other parked cars and copy and paste a line, then edit it a bit.

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there is a cruise control in VC. it's called camera hack tool 2.8 wow.gif i dunno about gta3.


GTA-VC Here are my ideas. (after gta-lc and vc i dont play gta3 anymore)



1. a different method to change into a different player model (you might like this one if it's possible).. first, auto-aim and target a nearby ped. while holding auto-aim, press run or camera, etc.. and it would change your player model into whatever ped you are aiming at. i dont know if any extra info is taken when you aim at a ped, if the game 'knows' what model you are aiming at, or if it's just coord info.


2. auto-aim at cars.. and the ability to auto-aim with molotovs, grenades, etc.. that would be nice


3. if you change into the police uniform, and then steal a law enforcement vehicle, when you do vigilante missions, you don't get stars and you have atleast 2 backup units behind you. also when you get out of vehicles, maybe have one of your backup units get out and follow on foot, and having atleast one vehicle still following in pursuit. ( any way to make the polimav spotlight brighter? )


4. same idea as above, but how about doing military only with the 'brown thunder' missions, or when you hop in a tank or barracks, have them follow you as backup


5. i want sniper missions too. have a dot on the map, have the 'too close' meter.. so you have to snipe from a distance. or even you have to snipe in once certain place per person or group of ppl, and then have to get out of the area before you are spotted..


6. similar to that, how about some more camera missions, maybe a side mission for print-works (paparazzi missions?) , and you need headlines! so you have to take photos of some of the rich and famous in vice, such as the mayor getting a blowjob, the county sheriff smuggling drugs and weapons out of the police compound, photgraphing police brutality where 10 of them gang up on a ped thats not doing anything.. etc.. that would be cool.


7. this is probably the most unrealistic request that i have.. but how about 2 stargates on the map, that would warp you between two of your properties.. scratch that, but it might be cool for san andreas (if there are no zone changes)


8. be a dealer, and use the cellphone for your deals, if any of yall know anything about smalltime pot dealers, alot of them will deliver tounge.gif . how about some extra audio tracks (if it's possible to add to sfx.sdtj, if not some extra lines in american.gxt would work just fine) of ppl calling tommy 'hey man, i want an half-ounce of some mid's' and then pull up in an alley, parking garage, gas station etc.. park next to his car, get out and get in his passenger seat, and the deal is done, then just get you'll get called for another bag.. hehe that would be awesome


9. any chance you can assign a button or combination for diving? maybe enter/exit + jump it would be cool to dive on command.

Edited by wijiwang
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7. this is probably the most unrealistic request that i have.. but how about 2 stargates on the map, that would warp you between two of your properties.. scratch that, but it might be cool for san andreas (if there are no zone changes)


Just quickly flicking through, that is actually probably the easiest, just put 2 suitable models somewhere, and have an if so if you stand in one place, it puts you in the other, I did this once by accident when I added a new save place but forgot to update the co-ordinates, so once you had bought it, yuo ended up in front of the save point I took the code from.


Edit: Had a look at the code and made it:


First, heres the code for the some markers, these are only here cos I can't be bothered to crete a stargate model, but you could and remove this bit (there are also radar amrkers so you can see where they are).



018A:  $star1pickup = create_checkpoint_at  -60.79416! -1398.567! 10.45681! 0189:  $star1mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  -60.79416! -1398.567! 10.45681!018A:  $star2pickup = create_checkpoint_at  413.6695! 1238.455! 18.43938! 0189:  $star2mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  413.6695! 1238.455! 18.43938!



To run the thread.



004F: create_thread ££Labelstargate



The thread to check and move the player (only works on foot, but that is easilly changable, you can see where that is defined.



:Labelstargate03A4: name_thread "beamme":Labelstargate20001: wait 500& ms                    00D6: if 0?00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  413.6695! 1238.455! 18.43938! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!004D: jump_if_false ££Labelstargate30395: clear_area  1? at -49.15715! -1398.613! 10.45603! range  10.4!  1!0055: put player $PLAYER_CHAR at  -49.15715! -1398.613! 10.45603!:Labelstargate300D6: if 0?00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  -60.79416! -1398.567! 10.45681! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!004D: jump_if_false ££Labelstargate40395: clear_area  1? at 413.5461! 1261.39! 17.96969! range  10.4!  1!0055: put player $PLAYER_CHAR at  413.5461! 1261.39! 17.96969!   :Labelstargate40002: jump ££Labelstargate2



I also used the clear_area so you don't spawn in a ped.


I also decided to play about with this a bit and came up with this:



018A:  $star1pickup = create_checkpoint_at  -60.79416! -1398.567! 10.45681! 0189:  $star1mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  -60.79416! -1398.567! 10.45681!018A:  $star2pickup = create_checkpoint_at  413.6695! 1238.455! 18.43938! 0189:  $star2mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  413.6695! 1238.455! 18.43938!018A:  $star3pickup = create_checkpoint_at  -994.0867! -1160.013! 14.69815! 0189:  $star3mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  -994.0867! -1160.013! 14.69815!018A:  $star4pickup = create_checkpoint_at  -757.2165! 1209.408! 11.07124! 0189:  $star4mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  -757.2165! 1209.408! 11.07124!          0189:  $star5mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  -260! -617.5! 12.9!0189:  $star6mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  -256! -617.5! 12.9!0189:  $star7mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  -252! -617.5! 12.9!0189:  $star8mark = unknown_create_checkpoint_at  -248! -617.5! 12.9!




004F: create_thread ££Labelstargate




:Labelstargate03A4: name_thread "beamme":Labelstargate20001: wait 500& ms                    00D6: if 23?00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  413.6695! 1238.455! 18.43938! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  -60.79416! -1398.567! 10.45681! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  -994.0867! -1160.013! 14.69815! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  -757.2165! 1209.408! 11.07124! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!004D: jump_if_false ££Labelstargate30395: clear_area  1? at -264.8745! -602.1544! 12.88373! range  10.4!  1!0055: put player $PLAYER_CHAR at  -264.8745! -602.1544! 12.88373!:Labelstargate300D6: if 0?00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  -260! -617.5! 12.9! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!004D: jump_if_false ££Labelstargate40395: clear_area  1? at 413.5461! 1261.39! 17.96969! range  10.4!  1!0055: put player $PLAYER_CHAR at  413.5461! 1261.39! 17.96969!:Labelstargate400D6: if 0?00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  -256! -617.5! 12.9! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!004D: jump_if_false ££Labelstargate50395: clear_area  1? at -993.8793! -1142.629! 14.69827! range  10.4!  1!0055: put player $PLAYER_CHAR at  -993.8793! -1142.629! 14.69827!:Labelstargate500D6: if 0?00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  -252! -617.5! 12.9! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!004D: jump_if_false ££Labelstargate60395: clear_area  1? at -49.15715! -1398.613! 10.45603! range  10.4!  1!0055: put player $PLAYER_CHAR at  -49.15715! -1398.613! 10.45603! :Labelstargate600D6: if 0?00F6:   player $PLAYER_CHAR  0? ()near point on foot  -248! -617.5! 12.9! radius  1.4!  1.8!  1.5!004D: jump_if_false ££Labelstargate70395: clear_area  1? at -756.785! 1194.151! 11.0712! range  10.4!  1!0055: put player $PLAYER_CHAR at  -756.785! 1194.151! 11.0712!:Labelstargate70002: jump ££Labelstargate2



It isn't brilliant, and if you go a long way, it will have to load the map, but its still good. Also, you would have to do a bit more to teleport into interiors, but it is possible.

Edited by Y_Less
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Yikes, has been ages sincce i posted in this thread smile.gif


Well, i was just playing through GTA3 again (fighting the urge to cheat is harder than it may seem) when i had a great mod idea for Vice City:




The concept is pretty simple, in each area of vice city (Downtown, Little Haiti, Little Havana, Vice Port, Escobar International, Prawn island, Starfish island, Washington beach, ocean beach. leaf links, south vice point and north vice point), there is a special rampage_ani.gif marker in front of the most important building in the area.


When you step into this marker, the vercetti gang starts to attack the area, and 4 glowing circle markers appear in front of important buildings. You then have 10 minutes to hold each circle for 90 seconds. If you manage to stay in a circle for 90 seconds (pretty big circles too, mind you), it dissapears and that area counts as claimed. If you claim all four circles in under 10 minutes, that area of the map belongs to the vercetti gang.


The thing is though, you can only attack areas next to ones you already own, and you can always attack starfish island, even if you have no turf next to it, because it is where your headquartes (the mansion) is.


Something you have to look out for is the fact that you can only attempt to take over an area once every two game days, even if you fail.


Also, non-player gangs have a 75% chance of attacking a nearby area every two days, if they attack somewhere, a message appears on your screen, and if you go through that area there will be a lot of gang fighting. 10 minutes after the message comes, theres a 50% chance that the gang has taken over that area.


If a non-player gang attacks your turf, you'll have to defend four rampage_ani.gif markers from being stolen from important areas. If you kill the gang member who has the rampage_ani.gif marker, it automatically goes back to its building of origin. Survive for 10 minutes and you keep the turf, if they steal all four icons and take them to a certain location (their gang's hq?), you lose the turf.


There is also a very small chance, like 5% chance, of your gangmembers to go start attacking an area on their own, if so, you should probably go and help them.


Every turf area you own will generate up to $7500, in the same way as a completed buisness, from the rampage_ani.gif marker you started taking over from.


What do you think? smile.gif

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cool deal smile.gif


i might actually go to the trouble and make a stargate if i can figure out zmodeler better.. but it would probably look half-ass without the 'water' effect on the even horizon.. is it possible so if you are running through the gate, you will be running when you teleport... maybe something like this can be made for san andreas, so you could spawn to a 'desert facility' in a mountain hehe tounge.gif


cool i didn't think anyone would take that seriously

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is it possible so if you are running through the gate, you will be running when you teleport...


You do - although the delay means you have to hit it at the right 1/2 a second, but if you do then you will fly through, otherwise you may have a wait up to 1/2 a second before teleporting, when I was testing it, I ran through hem, but one of the ones on Starfish Island I got at the wrong moment, went straight through and into the ocean blink.gif .



cool i didn't think anyone would take that seriously


It was the easiest on the list so I thought I'd have a go, I need practice at coding as I'm still quite new.


So I'm guessing it was useful then?

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Isn't this like your 3rd post of the exact same topic?

If someone could/wanted to help you, they would have replied to at least one of the other 2 topics you have posted. Thats why your second one got locked.


Although at least this one is actually in the mission requests topic... tounge2.gif

Edited by fuzzy_juzzy89
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  • 3 weeks later...

could anybody make a code for parking bikes in Gforces motorbike shop for myraid as this mod would look even more better with bikes in the window.

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  • 4 weeks later...



The mission starts out in Marco's Bistro, where Tommy Vercetti is sitting at a table watching TV. "FIDO" goes over to him and sits down.


Vercetti: Hey kid. You remind me of when I was younger. Except I was a druggie. Now, the Forelli Brothers need to be taken out now. The Vercetti Mafia is the only mafia that should exist and it's the only one that will exist. Steal the Forelli's cars and take them to 8ball. There should be ten cars around Portland. Once you have all ten rigged and parked exactly the way you found them, detonate them one by one. You'll be a made man after this little deed is done.


"FIDO" walks outside.


"FIDO" steals the ten cars from AmmuNation, Marco's Bistro, Salvatore Leone's club, Ma's Place, the beach, Portland Hospital, Portland Police Station, Luigi's Club, Joey's Garage, and Portland Harbor. He takes them to 8ball one by one and parks them back where they belong. He detonates them one by one as the ten big players in the Forelli family get in.


"FIDO" meets Tommy outside.


Vercetti: I'm proud of you. You are now officially made. Now, let's talk about Catalina...





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Could it be possible to make a mod that let you spawn the "spikes" that the police use with a click of a button? It would be very cool. Also, does anyone know what the "spikes" is called in gta3.img?


Sorry for my bad english.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I made a mini story line, i want to get it up to between 10 - 25 missions.... if anyone is interested just say so....


His name is Tony Vito, a small time 20 year old punk who grew up in Vice City’s crime filled streets, where his best friend had been murdered in one of Vercetti’s suspected rampages. Desperate for revenge and a shot at taking Tommy out, Tony decides the only way is to work from the inside. After a life long of planning, it’s time for Tony to make his move. (The character would obviously need a new skin…)


Mission 1: Young Blood


Tommy Vercetti is looking for some young blood. Cause mayhem in the streets and make a name for yourself. Mr. Vercetti will be sure to notice…(give the user a missile launcher and machine gun with unlimited ammo. For a cut scene show Tony walking out of the apartment with the launcher in hand. Make sure after the mission both weapons are taken away….)



Mission 2: Initiation


*Tony is escorted in by two of Tommy’s guards, Tommy and Tony stand at the mansions main entrance, face to face.


Tommy: I’ve heard you’ve been causing trouble on the streets.

Tony: I don’t like it when people get in my way….

Tommy: You interested in some well paying work?

*Tommy and Tony begin walking up the mansion stairs towards Tommy’s room.

Tony: You tell me what to do and it’s done.

Tommy: There’s a deal going down near the dump, get over there quick and retrieve the merchandise, bring it back here and you’ll be part of the gang…

*should be in Tommy’s office by now

Take this, you’ll need it

*Tommy hands Tony a (I cant remember the names of half the weapons, but er, either one of the weapons that can be used in cars…..give the user 500 amo…)


Actual mission: Go to the dump within the time limit (2:00?) where Tommy saved Lance before andretrieve the drugs. Escape after getting the drugs, go to the pay and spray, and get the drugs back to Tommy.


Have 25 or so Haitians armed with normal pistols (or if you think that would be too easy, give them more powerful guns.. include at least one sniper) guarding the dump, and have the merchandise found in that little hut where Lance was held before. Give Tony 3 stars once he picks up the drugs...

Edited by repole
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  • 2 weeks later...

rahkstar2.gif I've been practicing a little mission coding, and now that I've had a few trial runs (things like adding pickups, money markers, mission markers, checkpoints, etc), I was thinking of trying something a little more difficult/comprehensive.


I was thinking of making a mission that ran along similar lines as a taxi mission combined with a rampage. When the mission starts, Tommy is given a random location (picked from a list - like the taxi missions) and he must reach there and snipe the target(s) in the alotted time limit. After successfully completing the first snipe, he must reach the second location and snipe the 2nd victim, etc. gaining money for each additional level completed - probably along the lines of $1,000*level and a bonus $20,000*(level/10) every 10 levels. In order to make it harder (that's quite a lot of possible money there - $75,000 at level 10), there could possibly be bodyguards who shoot at Tommy if he is spotted.


It would probably be a pretty time-consuming project, especially for someone like me who hasn't had a lot of practice with mission coding, but it isn't TOO innovative, I don't think, and it's actually a pretty simple concept.


As far as locations, I'm working on compiling a list of 'out of the way' areas where it might take time to get to - making it more difficult to complete the mission. Areas like the top of the Roxor building, the south island of Leaf Links, top of the light house, the rocks and/or pier-like structures between vice port and the marina, the ship from the boatyard missions, etc. Certain areas might require special transport - helicopter, boat, or cycle (although those are generally limited to areas which can be reached by car or helicopter).


Any suggestions/comments? If you don't think it's a good idea, let me know, but I think it might be pretty fun.

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Not seen Colateral yet - I wasn't even thinking about a particular movie when I made it up. I was touring around VC looking for good sniper points, and I realized that there were so many unused locations, someone ought to use them.

I was thinking that as a reward for completing X level - possibly level 50 - Tommy might earn a property rather than something else. The property would most likely be the unused dock/storage area next to the airport (square, water through central area, small office area in back with a fan?) along with a couple other areas, but that doesn't have anything to do with this PARTICULAR mission set (which I decided is MOST SIMILAR to the Aunt Poulet mission Dirty Lickin's, but with a time limit instead of the tick-tock of haitian lives down the drain.

Any suggestions for good sniper hidey-holes?

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  • 2 weeks later...
Can i get a main.scm file for GTA:LC that has it where when i get a Toyz (topfun) van, i can use the RC car. Except i have like 20 cars in one sitting, and no limit barriers on where i can drive them. That would be cool.
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  • 3 weeks later...

how bout:


the gangs of vice city team up and take several key players (ken, kent, candy, etc. [NOT SONNY {he plannd it, yet anothr reson 2 kill him]) hostage. tommy must rescue them before the construction building they're bring held in explodes. (probably tweek the one wit da RC heli).


time limit: yea (5 mins)

rc: wtf hell no

car: hell no

hostage helth limit: yea (one shot killd)

rewrd: $100000


that was just an idea rom a few minutes ago but it sounds cool.

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  • 3 weeks later...

How about a few things:


1) Modding the "drunk" camera for normal gameplay use

2) A Dawn of the Dead type of thing, where if I enter a certain "cheat" about 40-80 pedestrians spawn somewhere around me and chase me down, trying to kill me. Success on killing them all before they kill me would be a big cash payout. I could make a zombie skin if needed.

3) A mission that leads you to all of the packages.


I've really wanted number two to happen for a while.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Can someone make that when you press a button the player takes out his headphones and listen to radio while on foot. If it is possible that is. Maube replace a weapon.

Edited by legg3r
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Would it be possible to make a sort of cross between whoevers it was Vice City Camera Hack and tocaedit's Analog Mouse Mapper, to create the San Andreas style camera-ing whilst in a vehicle, controlled by the mouse? I guess this could either be done by main.scm or a trainer of some kind?


EDIT: Out of interest, would this be easier to code for GTAIII or Vice City? My theory is, tocaedit's mouse mapper reads the mouse position and moves the player. Can it be changed to move the camera position instead?

Edited by ~andy
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  • 3 weeks later...

Ok i have GTA: Liberty City and i was woundering if you could make it so that if you walk into one of the tunnels blocked of in the last city it will telported you to ghost town i thought it might be cool cause


in vice city you could walk into a marker and it would telported you somewhere

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