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Coding & SCM Mission Requests


Recommended Posts

I can remember from my days of GTA1 mission making that the best inspiration for missions was very loose, general ideas from freinds.  Specific ideas aren't so helpful, lots of loose ones are though. :)


Reason being that if you are given loose ideas, you can think about the mission in terms of the code it needs.  For example:

Friend:  Stealing a car from a police impound would be nice.

Coder:  Yeah, because then I can use a SPECIFIC_BARRIER so that you have to use an emergency services vehicle to enter the impound!

Freind:  Hey, that'd be cool.  And then take the car you steal and sell it somehow?

Coder:  Cool, I could use GTA_DEMAND so that the dockland cranes would give you a high price for that particular car.


Well you get the idea.  Suggesting basic functions that would be nice in a mission is always helpful. :)


As a side note, any request topics additional to this will be locked.  By sticking ALL requests here it gives mission makers a one-stop resource for inspiration, plus keeps the area tidy. :p



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Barton Waterduck

Did you read my post about my gangland mission ? I need requests for that particular mission. Are you telling me that I can't make requests like that ?   :*(



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Do you mean that other people request ideas that they want to see in a mod, cerby? or no more requests in that coders can't ask for ideas from people?

user posted image
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This topic is for anyone to GIVE ideas.

Mission coders that want feedback and more ideas for mods they are already doing can have new topics, that's fine BWD. :p

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I have an idea.


Use the dragstrip someone made.

But 10 people on the end. In a triangle.

U start at the beginning of the dragstrip.

U pull up, and try to hit as many people as posible in one shot.

Then you get money for each peope you hit.

Then the people respawn and you can start over.


Isn't this cool?

It would be like crazy taxi :)

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For the bowling thing, how about making a long stripwith slight sides, making a round object, then get a car and ram it into the round object to roll it down the 'lane' at the people.


I could make the round object and the lane but i wouldn't be able to texture eiter of them.  I could also do the mission coding.


I am only responding to this because it is feasible and you are not a newbie here.



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Sure, how about a bowling ball texture, and a bowling pin type skin for a character model of your choice.

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Thank you very much.


You should make a marker in front of the "bowling pins" so i cant hit them by car. When i hit the blue marker, the point doesn't work or something like that.



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Just a request, perhaps...


A mission that takes the entire movie "Pulp Fiction", and places it into the GTA3 universe. I posted this once before,  here. Take a look... I'd like to see if anyone could help out?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have an idea:

You start the game.

You have to transport some prisoners.

Then, a patriot drove next to you.

He blows you up.

Then, your prisoners got away.


You are a cop.

You see fido driving to the hideout with 8 ball next to him..

You have to eliminate fido.



It would be exactly the same as the normal begining but you are cop now.

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Barton Waterduck

"fido" is not the name of an actor, it's the name of a dog. It is used in the game as the name of the character you are controlling, but it's still the name of a dog.


If I find out how to put a cop uniform on the player using the script, maby a total conversion would be a good idea...



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It would be cool playing the game from the police side. So like aresting yourself. You could be policemen. You need to hunt down the actor. But he is trying everything, like molotov coktails, grenades and more.

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  • 2 weeks later...

i want to deliver pizza!  (with "get out of car" and "walk to house entrance" and "crossfade" and "got money" and "drive to next place because you got 2 or more pizzas to deliver" ... and "drive back to get more pizzas")


Like the police-missions, if you got out of your car you have about 30secs to deliver pizza and get back into your car (the game remembers your car so you cant cheat)


And like the emergency-missions you have all "deliveries" for this tour on your map as markers (timelimit, so decide where to drive at first and where at last)

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Barton Waterduck

Pizza delivery! WOW! I never thought anybody would come up with something like that! I hope I will get bored enough to create it.  :happy:

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i want to deliver pizza!  (with "get out of car" and "walk to house entrance" and "crossfade" and "got money" and "drive to next place because you got 2 or more pizzas to deliver" ... and "drive back to get more pizzas")


Like the police-missions, if you got out of your car you have about 30secs to deliver pizza and get back into your car (the game remembers your car so you cant cheat)


And like the emergency-missions you have all "deliveries" for this tour on your map as markers (timelimit, so decide where to drive at first and where at last)

Yeah and there will be a counter like: 4 pizza left.


So you realy have to watch the counter, because when you have to deliver 5 pizza's and you only have 4 in your car, you failed :)


I can make a pizza skin or car texture?



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  • 2 weeks later...
I can make a pizza skin or car texture?

Or, you could just mod the manana to look like a pizza car.  It would be really kewl if this is actually done!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here's another idea,


I don't know if it is already made, but could someone make a nos mod, like in Jonny's dragstrip.


Here's what you could do


Make it so that when you press a key (like Caps-Lock) it doesn't use the handling.cfg line but for example the nos.cfg. Then make a ber like the spook-o-meter in one of Salvatore's mission that when you press nos it goes up and then after a minute it is 100% again. Then people who make the cars like the FNF Supra and FNF Eclipse, Tonisport Eclipse and so on, another line wich then is used in nos.cfg wich makes the car a lot faster.


If someone could make this it would be so cool. (maybe Barten Waterduck knows how to do that in mission.scm)



Greetz, Mark

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:D I just like to know if it is possible to buy a car in gta3 like by combining the codes of ammu-nation and the import export garage to make a store the sell car like ammu-nation selling guns cause i would like to spend the money i get from all the mission


If its possible make the car price fare expensive  :rol:  :sui:

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Columbian missions:


"The Beginning"

*Requires map addon to Ghost town*


First you need to kill someone in or near the bank service zone (back of the bank with cargo doors for unloading) using the sniper rifle from the roof of another building

You, catalina and colombian drive to the LC bank, gates let you to enter bank service zone if you're in the ambulance (SPECIAL_GATES there). You go in bank and take money, but police is on you, Miguel drives up, Catalina shoots colombian, you need to shoot her, get the Miguel's car and get the hell out of there.



You first control the Patriot, ram the first police car, then play as colombian guy, you get the hostage (that old guy), but policemen begin to shoot, you need to kill all of them and get out there fast, because bomb's tickin...


P.S: Just an Idea

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  • 3 weeks later...

i like the idea of a gone in 60 seconds mod i mean it is grand theft auto right so we should get paid to steal cars not be mafia hitmen well you know it would be cool to have ait set so you have a list to get but you get the big payoff when it is complete and maybe do some different mini lists... how hard could this be?

i may try to start working on some preliminary scripting ideas

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GTA MMORPG edition


Seriously, when I was playing this, one thought going over inside my head was ...


"What if this was a MMORPG?"


I could imagine it, forming a gang with mates, going in groups stealing cars, and having full on gang wars with rival (human) gangs.


I have thought it through a little, and here is what I came up with to make it work.



PS2 (with broadband adapter and hard drive)

PC (duh)

Since using TCP/IP its platform independant




1: Servers provided by community. (ala Q3 etc)


2: Servers in each region linked via heartbeat which allows servers to communicate and send player information to each other. These linked servers form the realm.


3: Regions divided into realms, with a heartbeat sending player numbers between realms.


4: There would be something like 4 cities (each the size of Liberty, with perhaps 3 islands in each city) and the world would be divided into 4 realms, and each realm has one city.


5: You can cross realms by catching a plane, and if the realm you are trying to go to is full, then its "flight" would be closed or something. When crossing realms, the load sequence actually re-connects you to the fastest server in the new realm.


Player Features

1: Clan Leader (Syndicate Leader) selects the designated "Clan Car" and can design colours for the car, including a logo.


2: Clan Leader selects the "Hideout" for the clan, which includes a garage full of clan cars (as specified in 1)


3: Clean Leader selects the type of syndicate, i.e. Yakuza, etc, and has (limited) control over the clothes worn by the clan.


Play Styles

This is the fun part, and what I think will make the game most enjoyable.


Clan wars are performed on "open" servers, meaning that if you war against another clan, any clans on the server can (and will) interfere with your war, either ganging up on one team, or taking pot shots at both. During a clan war, only the teams get waypoints to the enemy players. Clans not in the war, will have no idea who the clans that are warring will be, except for clothes and cars being driven.


The wars can be made up of the following forms:


a) Hideout Hit, where one clan has to take over the others hideout.


b) Clan Theft Auto, where one clan has to steal a specified number of the enemy clans cars. The enemy clan, can steal back their cars, thus making the game seesaw, it also forces a clan to protect the stolen cars.


c) Assassin, where one clan has to kill the others leader.


d) Drug Sales, where both clans sell drugs, and they have to kill each others sellers.


e) Street Racing, self explanitory (ramming, etc, legitimate tactics)


f) Protection Racket, where one clan has to protect businesses, and the other clan has to "rob" the protected businesses.


Limitations or Problems


1: Pedestrian/Car syncronisation, so all the players on the server, see the same cars/pedestrians. This may be overcome by using a series of "scripted" randomly selected computer controlled sequences.


I am sure there is more that can be thought of, the scope is immense.


Anyway, thats my idea.


Keep the conversation intelligent, and perhaps DMA or Rockstar may stumble accross it, and get their creative juices flowing (damn I hope so)


p.s. Stuf, dont fill this thread with "they are going to do it" or crap like that


It seems GTA3MTA was planned way back then... here's some ideas for the multiplayer missions.


Someone else go bump that topic to the top, I aint gonna do it.

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Barton Waterduck

I want a complete storyline for atleast 10 new missions. If somebody can write a full manuscript with cutscene texts and all the mission specifics, I can probably put it all together without any problems. Would be nice if the storyline could work with my "9 new missions" mod.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Okay, i've been having some thoughts for a mission, and i think it could be expanded into a 10 mission series:


Donald Love Returns

Mission 1: Escort Donald to Safety


The mission marker is outside the ruined Triad Fish factory


Cut Scene

Donald: I'm glad to see you've finally found me. I need some help getting back into buisness. First, i have to get back to the Love Media tower, where i can have enough security forces around to keep the Coloumbian Cartell off my back, but i need to pick up an associate on the way.  I've got an inconspicuos car inside the factory, we'll take that



Go inside the factory, get in the Rumpo, and take Donald down to the docks to pick up a man in a suit. Then you have to get to Staunton, but a clip comes on the radio saying that due to violence in some areas of Staunton, the Callahan bridge and the Staunton entrance to the tunnel have been closed off, so you have to take the tunnel to Shoreside, then across the lift bridge, then to the garage under the Love Media building.


The problem is, there are more Cartel cars driving around han usual, and even a small numer in Portland, so you have to avoid or blow them up, and if you try to cross the Callahan bridge by jumping over the barricade, a huge group of soldiers would be on the bridge, and would kill you instantly.


Mission 2: RC Annihilatior Test Run


The mission marker is at the usual place at the doors of the Love Media Building, no differences other than two guards placed outside the doors.


Cut Scene

Donald: It's good to be back where you belong, isnt it? Well anyway, one of my assosciates works for the Toyz company, who manufacture remote control weapons, as you probably know.  I managed to give him the special high-explosive compound which i had hidden here, and he has managed to get the company to make a far more powerful Remote Controlled bomb.  We need ou to test it, so why not test it on some local Cartel? Get in the van over at the parking lot near the Cartel constrution site, and destroy the cars on this list.

* Hands list of car registrations to fido *

Donald: These are the cars of some of the gang leaders. destroy them all, and it should wipe out all the Cartel in Staunton.



Go to the parking lot where you assasinated Kenji and get in the Toyz van parked there. Using the RC Cars that explode into flames (like the petrol bombs), destroy the 5 marked cars

(Two limos and three black cartel cars).  Finishing this mission removes all the Cartel from Staunton.


Mission 3: The exchange


Mission marker is in the same place as mission 2


Cut Scene

Donald: We seem to have run into a bit of a problem, the Cartel ambushed one of my associates and have taken him hostage. They're requesting him to be excanged for one of their leaders wo we captured after you destroyed his limo. Take him and a bodyguard to the rooftop at the south end of the docks where the excange will be made


After the cutscene, you, an unarmed Cartel, and a bodyguard drive out of the garage under love media in a van. Go to the sniping point for the boat mission (picking up the AK-47 at the bottom of the stairs) where two cartels and an unarmed yakuza are standing. After a short cutscene where the two prisoners are swapped, the two cartel shoot your bodyguard and jump off the side of a building, just as a police helicopter turns up (with 1.5 times as much health, and a health bar under the clock). Destroy the helicopter and chase after the coloumbians back to the construction site where (unknown to them) several yakuza are waiting. They get blown up and take the yakuza you got from the coloumbians.




More to come


[Edit] changed some stuff about the heli boss



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Mission 4: Set Up Us the Bomb


Mission marker in the same place... again


Cut Scene


Donald: So it as a trap? I knew they would pul something like this, so lets give them a little payback. Intercept the shipment of SPANK from Portland to Shoreside Vale that the Coloumbians will be selling on, and take it to 8-Ball's bomb shop here in Staunton. Then take the bombed truck to the airport and set off the bomb.



Block the truck thats coming over the Callahan bridge and kill the driver, then take the truck to the bomb shop behind the multi storey car park in staunton. Then take the truck to the end of the unused runway at the airport where several Cartel are waiting. arm the bomb and then they all walk over to the truck, detonate it. Mission accomplished. Grab a Cartel Cruiser and get outa there.


Mission 5: Airport warfare


Same mission marker (will be the same for all other missions, except the final one)


Cut Scene


Donald: After that explosion at the airport, the police have been swarming all over the place. Apparently another shipment of Cartel SPANK is arriving by plane today, and if the inteligence i have recieved is true, the police have been bribed to leave it alone.  I've already sent some hired "Soldiers" over to the airport by boat, but they are waiting for you before they try to capture the airport.  I have a boat waiting off the south west point of Staunton island, thake that over to the airport and make sure the cartel dont get their hands on that SPANK.  You might need some money for ammunition, so heres $2000, stop by at phil's army surpluss if you need anything.



Make sure you have plenty of weapons, then get to the boat off the half sunken pier at the south west point on staunton, then go over to the blue circle next to the angled runway, and a short cutscene of you meeting the head soldier person will play. After this, get in the Yakuza Stinger with the arrow above it and drive up the ramp onto the runway. Watch as all hell breaks loose as the soldier people start to fight the police (and you drive around helping them). Then some cartel show up just as the message appears on the screen about the airplane having almost arrived. Kill them before the plane lands, and follow the plane untill it stops. Mission accomplished.  After this mission, the boat that you destroyed in the mafia mission comes back.


Mission 6: Freighter attack


Cut scene


Donald: As you might know, a freighter has docked at portland harbor.  All we know about it is that it's carrying something revoloutionary that the Cartel want to get their hands on. We need to find out what this thing is.  Get on the boat and locate the inventory list for the freighter, then bring it back here. Oh yes, you'll have to go armed only with a sniper rifle and an uzi, this operation must be as low profile as possible.



Drive over to the harbor and to where the enterable boat is.  Kill off the FBI people at the entrance by sniping the red barrels, then pop off the heads of the guys on the boat. Then go onto the boat and to the blue circle in front of the open door. a cutscene then plays where the boat rocks slightly and the gangplank falls away. Once again, another helicopter fight starts, this time, only with an uzi and some cover.  When the heli is destroyed, another cutscene plays where you walk into the boat again, and come back out a few hours later, and the gangplank is back. Drive back to the love media building.Mission accomplished.




hmm, sorry about the boss fight every third level thing, but helicopters are defeatable with the uzi!  :) as long as you try to stay behind the heli, it cant shoot you.  next 3 missions and the final mission should be up on saturday, or sunday.

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I was gonna do additional Donald Love missions.  Had a few ideas.  But I got a different idea later on.

At the start of a new game, *you are* Donald Love in the driverseat of an expensive custom Landstalker getting ready to leave home for a while to lay low as the Player (old you) walks in through the front door on his way to mission LOVE7.  No actual single missions, per say, but stuff does happen, the first of which is an attack on your home (tower) you can either choose to do something about or ignore.



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Barton Waterduck

[CD]Icedude: Good work, now, make a story for 20 new missions for Vice  :p



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