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Getting the hunter


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Do I need to wait until I've completed a certain mission for the Hunter to appear at the army base? I flew the VCPD helicopter over the base, but i couldn't see the Hunter in order to jack it. Please help.

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Okay, this question has been asked a million times and I dont see it stopping anytime soon. Use the search feature.  :sly:


Anyways, might as well answer so this doesn't get ridden off as spam and another star is added to my collection;


The hunter is available two ways:


1. You complete Keep your Friends Close (finale mission to the game), the Hunter will show up at Fort Baxter. It wont be on the helipad like many of us had originally though, it will be facing south on the northern wall of the base. If you dont have a police uniform, you'll be shot at. The quickest way to get it is to head south via. helicopter and land near the hunter.


2. You get all 100 hidden packages and finish Keep your Friends Close. The Hunter will show up on the helipad next to the abandonned mansion on the south end of the first island, just south of Pole Position.

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Thanks! I just found out about this site, so sorry about asking the question "for the millionth time". I tried using search but I couldn't navigate it properly. Just curious: what exactly should I have typed in for this subject, and in what section should I have lokked?


Thanks again.

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I would suggest searching for the title "where is hunter apache army helicopter" or something along those lines, checking in any of the vice forums, and searching for topics made this month or older. However, you might've also wanted to check the sticky topics in gameplay, TLC made a decent strategy guide which covers these types of things, more or less.

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  • 2 weeks later...
where do u get a police uniforum??????

Didn't you listen to a thing SolidCheat said SEARCH FUNCTION

anyway here goes


##Police uniform is located in the washington beach Police station. In the locker rooms after you beat the mission "cop land".

:furious:  :furious:  :furious:  :furious:  :furious:



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