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[PC] GTA V - Lowrider Meet - 30 october


Recommended Posts

Hosting a Lowrider meet friday 30 october 22:00 Central European Time

-22:00 CET

-21:00 UTC/GMT

-5pm EST

Ill open the lobby around 21:30 Central European Time.

Add me on social club: absoullutely

Send me a message on social club if you want to be invited, also please leave a reply with your social club name on this forum.

Basicly only lowriders are welcome, but if you think you can fit in without one, you are welcome also.

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Ill definitely join in again if im available at that time, i hope more people will join this time.


Todays meet:








Edited by ..GhosT
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The one PC meet I find and im working haha >_<


Just add me, ill tell you when im hosting another meet.

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See you on Friday!

See you on friday :lol:


Just realised I can come haha got my days confused, I've added you on SC, I'm PhantomAcid

Good sh*t ! :lol::beerhat:

See you on friday


I posted the same meet on Steam forums and also on other gta forums, so i think we can expect a few people..

Edited by absoullutely
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Meet was succesfull.

Altough alot of people did not show up, and we had a hacker in the lobby for a moment :blink:

( will be prevented next time )


i made a simple video :




its the first video i made with sony vegas, it was kind of a test and not finished at all, but still maybe fun to watch :pirate:


New meet coming soon!

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