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Gta vice city radio extras.


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I've noticed in the track listings that there are tracks on the CD's that aren't in the game, and I suppose are there to tempt the buyer into purchasing them.


The tracks I've seen are:



15. DJ Lazlow Outro

18. DJ Lazlow Rant



15. DJ Fernando Outro

18. Dj Fernando Tirade



15. DJ Adam First Outro

18. DJ Adam First Rant



15. DJ Toni Outro

18. DJ Toni Studio Tantrum



15. Pepe Outro

18. Pepe Martial Rantina



17. Wildstyle Dj Mr Magic Super Blast (?)

19. Wildstyle Dj Outro



16. Dj Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit Outro

19. Dj Oliver "Ladykiller" Biscuit Lovetips


Are these tracks worth listening to? I'd love to hear how Lazlo got kicked off the rock station, and Toni's rant. Are they available anywhere on the 'net so that I can listen to them without shelling out £30?




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Thats illegal you really shouldn't be posting it on these boards. Whether you use KaZaA or not.  :sly:


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To be honest, the CD "extras", if that's what you want to call them, aren't that great.  I got 20 bucks off my box set because I work at a place where I got a discount on it but there's one thing that pissed me off about the discs: certain songs in the game aren't on some of the discs!  I wouldn't be pissed if the songs suck but they are some of the good ones...WTF?!

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not really u have them on the game but there is not much point in this its been asked a couple times  allready. :D





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some of those titles look really funny

toni studio tantrum

and i wanna hear how laslow got kicked off Vrock

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One question...

On the boxed set of Radio Shows, why didn't they include  K-CHAT and VCPR. I mean, I know they are chat shows- but surely that doesn't stop them from being able to be put on disc. I think they should be on disc, because K-CHAThas that really hyper lady whos really funny and VCPR is also funny!  :/

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Yeah but isn't there a cheat code on each disc.

The cheats codes where made public 30 seconds after the first box set was sold, chances are you know it already....if you are a cheat. :sneaky:


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You don't get all the songs, but what songs you get you do get in their entirety. Also there is no DJ banter over the intro, and there are no fades. Which means a lot of 7-minute songs. The DJ's talking are on separate tracks.

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