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Arsen Vitiuk

The "Hostile Takeover" Issue Explained

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Arsen Vitiuk

When I first played GTA Vice City, I was using various guides to help me achieve 100%. Some of them specifically stated that you must build a High Roller Drugs Site before "Hostile Takeover". So I played this way. This summer I once more got 100% in GTA Vice City Stories. Also, I neither took over nor built a High-Roller Drugs business before Hostile Takeover. I did that intentionally to see whether I could achieve 100% that way. And I did. So that made me wonder whether all those guides were wrong from the start.


After some researching, I found why you can still get 100% without taking over/building a Drugs Site before "Hostile Takeover". And here is the explanation:


On PS2 (which is the platform I play on), if you conquer a Drugs site before "Hostile Takeover" and do everything else required for 100%, you actually get 100.38% completion. I don't know whether this was a mistake or it was done intentionally to have those 0.42% to spare if the players did not take over a Drugs business early.

Also, upon taking over the first Drugs business, you receive 0.42% (which you won't receive upon completion of "Hostile Takeover" if that's the first Drugs business you conquer) and another 0.42% for building a High-Roller Drugs site. The same goes for Smuggling and Robbery businesses: 0.42% for taking over the first business of that kind (thus unlocking the ability to build those businesses) and another 0.42% for building a High-Roller business of that respective type.


However, on PSP, I believe it is obligatory to take over a Drugs site before "Hostile Takeover", as there the players will be stuck at 99.2% - possibly due to the fact that because of the PS2 exclusive add-ons, the percentage got recalculated in a wrong way, so that receiving those 100.38% became a possibility. And even if this is true, then the guides make a wrong statement nonetheless. So basically, for PSP you only have to take over a Drugs Business before "Hostile Takeover", not necessarily build one - that can be done at any point in the game.


I would, however, appreciate if a PSP user who came across this guide made a 100% Playthrough without taking over a Drugs Business before "Hostile Takeover", so that as to confirm or negate my theory.


Also, using everything stated above, on PS2 version, if you take over a Drugs business before "Hostile Takeover", you won't need to complete one of the side missions to get 100%. That could be anything - vehicle missions such as Paramedic, Firefighter, Vigilante etc or single missions such as a Turismo race, a PCJ Playground, a Hover Race etc - all because of that "spare" 0.42%

Does not apply to Hidden Packages, Rampages or Unique Jumps, as you get 0.42% for finding each one of them (or for every set of 10 Red Balloons), and again, another 0.42% once you've done all of a kind (which makes the last Rampage/Unique Jump/Balloon actually add 0.84% to the Statistics).


I hope this explanation was helpful.

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Lethal Vaccine

Indeed was it helpful. For instance, I am finishing up 3 Saves in VCS right now. On the first Save (all 3 on PS2) I achieved 100% WITH Skywolf. However, for some reason on the 2nd and 3rd Saves, I don't need Skywolf for 100% and I am assuming it has something to do with the Empire Quest you are explaining. If I do Skywolf on the 2nd and 3rd Save, it is higher than 100%. So something surely isn't be calculated right on the PS2 Version. I'd like to add, though, that you MUST have taken over 5 total Empires just to do the Mission Blitzkrieg. It's the 2nd Mission for Lance after Brawn of the Dead when unlocking the East Island after From Zero to Hero. I saved taking any Empires over on my 1st of 3 Saves until after Unfriendly Competition mainly due to the fact of the Biker's Empire which can't be taken over until Hostile Negotiation and I know if I had 29/30 at that time, I would of pissed off the Sharks and obtaining the AP Yola with Death Squads coming after you in the Gang Ranchers would of been next to impossible. So to get that Boat from Unfriendly Competition, I held off until Hostile Negotiation. Whereas on the 2nd and 3rd Save I held off until Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out simply cuz I like using a BP/PP Vehicle which is given to you at the 6 Business Types once you take over all 30 Empires. Because of doing the Empires at different times, I guess the percentage shifted. On my 1st Save, I got the message about being 100% cuz I literally did EVERYTHING. But on the 2nd and 3rd Saves, I didn't do Skywolf cuz when I do, I get a percentage over 100%. I've reached 100% in an old LCS Save as well without doing The Sicilian Gambit, too. However, since LCS has no decimals, I went ahead and did the final Story Mission and it remained at 100%. It didn't say 101% or anything like that. Even in Chinatown Wars, there was a time you were able to reach 100.34% on the iOS Version, but I guess they patched it cuz I have flat 100.00%.


Strange how the "side" Games have glitched Percentages, though.

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